1. Pepe says

    I remember 20 17 it was the best year I can probably say of my life,when I used to play Minecraft and slither.io I used to play all day in the morning and in the night , and even when I got annoyed is still miss it, gives me memory of my pet dog he is still alive but I never saw him again after my computer broke, and my parrot who died,and I played Minecraft hardcore and lasted 30 days, when I built a house , when I played uhc , when I lost my first pet, when beat the elder dragon, but sadly my computer broke, that was one of the saddest days of my life, so thank you Minecraft for everything in my childhood just thank you.

  2. Pepe says

    Thank you Minecraft, than you so much for all the memories in 2017 just thank you , without Minecraft I would not know what to do, just thank you ?

  3. Pepe says

    Can we have a moment of silence for all the memories that Minecraft gave us in are child hood just think about all the good time, but now it’s not fun anymore ?. No grown up will really understand

  4. Ahmad Anime says

    i hope it's not the last time i hear this

  5. aRandomGamer says

    /hug @a 64

  6. Rashmin Prasla says


  7. Mark Webber10 says

    Can i get a fuxking time stamp or do i gotta do everything around here myself?

  8. Alona Baker says

    bebe rexha

  9. Ernesto Delaroca says

    This brings back memories of when I first started minecraftI miss my dogHe died during a skeleton ambush in a dungeonRIP doggo (2013-2015)

  10. TheShruddleShregglar says

    I can just imagine the minecraft title style and the land in the backround >~<

  11. Tuky CZ says

    it warms my heart

  12. menace says

    anybody wanna play minecraft with me? i’m ForegoneCoast30 …i’ve been playing mcpe for four years. you’re free to friend me.

  13. Fort Fan300 says

    So nice to here the OG minecraft song when playing a new minecraft game

  14. Joren Cousaert says

    i love this

  15. Canal ainda sem nome says

    ??My mom:why are you crying in your room while listening to musicMe:you wouldnt get it??Minha mãe:por que você está chorando no seu quarto enquanto ouve músicaEu:você não entenderiaQuer mais traduções?Want more translations?Ou bezwen plis vèsyon?Avete bisognu di più versioni?더 많은 버전이 필요하십니까?තවත් අනුවාදයන් අවශ්‍යද?Unoda dzimwe shanduro?需要其他翻譯嗎?Басқа аударма керек пе?Kinahanglan ba nga lain nga paghubad?Mukufuna kumasulira kwina?Trebate drugi prijevod?ಇನ್ನೊಂದು ಅನುವಾದ ಬೇಕೇ?Necessiteu una altra traducció?Хочаце больш перакладаў?আরও অনুবাদ চান?နောက်ထပ်ဘာသာပြန်လိုပါသလား?Daha çox tərcümə istəyirsiniz?Itzulpen gehiago nahi dituzu?هل تريد المزيد من الترجمات؟ተጨማሪ ትርጉሞችን ይፈልጋሉ?

  16. Luke Walkup says

    I know nobody is going to see this but I recently visited my grandpa's house and found the xbox 360, I used to always play Minecraft on, apparently it had never updated since I had played it last like, a decade ago and I was SO exited to play a version of Minecraft that I had grew up on. I had such a blast exploring the old tutorial worlds, and even just looking at old blocks, and castles I made when I was like 6, it had given me a wave of nostalgia that I really needed, And It made me realize just how much this magical game has changed over the years, while I still love this game to the core, nothing will ever beat those first moments of just looking around and punching random blocks, or building your first house and tools. It brang back memories of us in the cafeteria telling eachother about how "OoOoO I saw Herobrine in my world OoOoO" but again, it made me realize how much this game has changed, anyway a final word, If you have an old minecraft world, on an old PC, or xbox or something try and take a look back on these world you grew up on and take in to perspective how the game, heck, how you have changed.

  17. Perfect X says

    Use this link as a fortnighter rickroll. the face!

  18. Perfect X says

    For all of your Minecraft nostalga. https://discord.gg/ufHEY2B

  19. Rajvi Gandhi says

    whats name of the song

  20. Nick Dermois says

    Fortnite kids can't relate

  21. Tara Cook says

    pop n0iCe w

  22. mexican baguette says

    sniffle all these comments are making me cry

  23. Sumarni Santoso says


  24. Simón barraza says

    See a Sunrise arriving at your little house after a night of fighting with mobs. You feel pride and successful. Of your WorldYou Can't describe it and then sound this music. Indiscribable

  25. #itsderpychocolate says

    Long time no see Minecraft, but I’m back, ready to accept you and cherish all the moments we’ve spent looking for diamonds, exploring the nether, and defeating the ender dragon in creative mode (lol). It’s been a while but I’m back.

  26. tadeo yt says


  27. Rily hous says

    I remembered when I first started playing Minecraft on my xbox 360 back in 2012… I miss the old minecraft. Tomorrow I'm going to load up minecraft on my xbox 360 and play my first world ever created. See the volcano with my house in the middle of it… See the village down the hill devastated by Tnt and water…. See my shop… And see the balloon I made after watching a sampylonghead video… Those days off Minecraft where the good old days… We will miss you 2012 Minecraft…….

  28. minecraft Cesar says

    esta canción me relaja

  29. James Cosico says


  30. cedric minecraft gamer says

    This is more nicer and i crying all the time because of sadness

  31. Mr. Bobzey says

    this music makes me just sit in my room, agaisnt the wall, crumple onto the floor and cry. i think of all te missed opertunities. i think of all the times ive mistreated my loved ones. i think of all my regrets. i think of everything thats wrong that ive caused. i think deep.

  32. Poyrik Kanal2 says

    Dude why is this the most depresing coment section ever

  33. kyere smith says

    Dont cry because it's over. Be happy it happened

  34. MrToasty36 says

    This music will hold memories good or bad but with Minecraft there will always be new memories to make no matter what happens you can still have fun with your friends on Minecraft even tho it won’t be like the good old days we need to look to the future where we hope it will be better

  35. Chloe Herera says

    Nice for sleep

  36. Joyce Hauwai says

    Anyone watching in 2020? If u are hope ur safe during covid or corona

  37. jonh sina lamas says

    Gracias a vos ahora puedo dormir

  38. Tataru Răzvan says

    I discoverd minecraft in 2014 on my cousins pc, i spawned in water, i tought the zobies were alligators, i build my first house, 7 floors of wood, i tought lava was paint and it was a disaster. Now after 7 years i still play whit my last 3 real friends i have, our real world is going down but our minecraft world is going up. I want to go back there now.

  39. Mr krabs is Felling it now says

    Lol it's been 9 years and I still didn't completed minecraft on survival

  40. Melly Belly says

    This is a terrible day for rainIt’s not rainingYes, it is

  41. Hannah Cooks says

    I remember playing this with my mom when I was younger before she passed away, when I was happier 🙂

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