[Minecraft Computer Engineering] – Quad-Core Redstone Computer v4.0 [200 sub special!]


Hey all, I am finally back with another computer science video! More specifically, this is the Redstone Computer v4.0! This is the successor to the Redstone Computer v3.0, and it contains a lot of improvements learned from the Redstone Computer v3.0! It also adds some interesting features, such as a GPU (plotter) and the ability to change the clock speed of the computer through software!

I mention this in the video as well, but thank you guys so much for 200 subscribers! Really means a lot 🙂

Computer download (with information included):

Computer specs:
– 8-bit architecture and interface
– Variable clock speed
– Four “cores” (ALUs), and each are independent of each other
— each ALU has a cache
— each ALU supports add/sub/compare/bit shift left/right/not/other things
– 31 bytes of dual-read RAM
– Parallel Import Port / Parallel Output Port (USB-like)
– Each core has 63 lines of code (5.292kbytes per core, 28.168kbytes total memory)
– Runs on a custom instruction set, the “AGuyWhoIsBored’s Redstone Computer Instruction Set Specification v1.0”
– 15 x 15 display, three-digit decimal display, raw binary display
– conditional branching support
– and MORE! (you’ll have to download the world to figure it out 🙂 )

Thank you to everyone who helped me make this possible / giving me inspiration for this project:
1. My subscribers
2. Bennyscube –
3. Properinglish19 –
4. Laurens Weyn –
5. Newomaster –
6. Skupitup –

Let me know what you guys think of this in the comments! More computer science projects (hopefully) coming soon! 🙂

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  1. King Crab says

    Can you Overclock?

  2. Vince Spano Music says

    No one man should have all that power

  3. Elliot Fagerberg says


  4. Exeteer Reid says

    What a madlad, this is for 200 subs.

  5. татьяна малышева says

    Хэлло рашан пипал Ды я русский

  6. Gam3r Mom3nt says

    can you use this to build something

  7. Hokss says

    Я от неркина

  8. Youda008 says

    But, can it run Doom?

  9. Legendary gamin' !! says

    20:09 his hands color changed

  10. Amal Altaee says

    Mumbo jumbo shivers in his tracks

  11. arthur farnaby says

    This is the most boring vid I’ve seen on minecraft yet, and it’s on a red stone computer for god sake

  12. ШУМА says

    Я от неркина

  13. Subavel Sukirth P G says

    i thought this was clickbait , but woah this guy should be out there inventing the timemachine or something , absolutely genuis

  14. burning fires says

    if there was no build height limit or lag you could probably make one big enough to play minecraft in minecraft

  15. Tairs 5 says


  16. Caiden Kunitsky says

    This was his 200 sub special?!

  17. Barkın Pilavcı says


  18. Dentchic play says

    Hello this computer is fantastic . You is a very good builder and very clever that can build so big and fantastic computer ! I am from Russia and i whant to you with it's so hard project . And i subsidiaries you

  19. Matt S says

    Not that good.

  20. IZOHNO ML says

    am i da only one who sees this in 2020??

  21. Antivirus Sans says

    Wow wow the real working computer? Omg

  22. Надежда Букина says


  23. Emka gamer says

    Нечего не понятно но очень интересно

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