Minecraft Fnaf Music Man Takes Over (Minecraft Roleplay)


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In Todays Video, Music Man decides everyone needs more music. So he hacks into security tablet to take over the pizza plex. How will funtime foxy, vanny and the others stop him?

Minecraft Fnaf Music Man Takes Over (Minecraft Roleplay)
A The Oddities Roleplay Series

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The Oddities! ( The Oddies Roleplay Team)
► Darzeth as Funtime Foxy –
► Gallant Gaming as Funtime Freddy –

► Odd Foxx as Lolbit-

► Feelsbadpat as Puppet-

► Beatboxcrazy As Security Tablet /music man /???? –

►Gaming With Dylan as The Security Guard –
► MrBomberman as Bonbon –

► Chelsea as Vanny /Vannie /?????

NebNeb as Circus Baby

WARNING: This Series is not meant to follow what happens in the games. This is fan made With Fan Theory’s and Ideas.

This FNAF Minecraft Roleplay based around the Five Night’s at Freddy’s Games, The series revolves around the Animatronics and what they do when no ones around.

This series is based off our speculation,fan theorys or ideas of FNAF (and other fnaf related topics). There will be developments in this game’s story that do not directly follow the finished game.

This series will also focus on many different games and stories, Like Fnaf Ar, Fnaf Vr ( fnaf help wanted ), Fnaf Pizza Plex and even Fnaf sister location.

All music comes from Incompetech

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  1. Jose Avila says

    Turn rost beef a animatronic plz

  2. Ruby Kalama says

    Special delivery the five nights at Freddy's 9 Malhair into the pit spring Bonnie

  3. Titus Thrasher says

    You guys should do a fnaf 1 roleplay like you did with GLG

  4. KyleDoesRandom155 says

    Do I like this? YesDo I hate this? No

  5. Blue fox says

    You should make fan art as thumbnails

  6. _Gacha.Cookie_ says

    omg where did you get that map its so big and beautiful omg

  7. DJWes Gaming says

    At 2:52 it sounds and looks like, baby and foxy are having a boss battle against music man!

  8. Matthew Norman says

    I love there videos there funny and interesting

  9. Stephen Brown says

    Music man is so nice but why does he want to take over the world

  10. Nathanael Z. Tampos 8M says


  11. sook banjo plaze 6854 says

    Foxy your videos are amazing I've watched you YouTube news since the start

  12. Staton Worthan says

    One person hasn't come back is spring trap please bring him back I thaught he was funny]Also I've been watching since forever

  13. Turky Boi says

    I going on a trip right now and I’m dead I swear to god I’m not going to miss my daily channels video I hope I meet you one day

  14. Bryxnt_10 says

    I wonder if Jake and Jeffrey will ever make a return ?

  15. Midnight Shadow Fox says

    Foxy’s channel is on the trend page for gaming ?

  16. Arwind Pelagio says


  17. Lord Tachanka says

    I have been gone for 5 seconds and music man takes over the world

  18. Clement Ko Yik Mun says

    I want Freddy stand become fire

  19. E E says


  20. Ariel Clyburn says

    The entire bit with PigPatch was comedy gold

  21. d̶e̶a̶d̶l̶y̶ ̶ ̶ s̶h̶a̶d̶o̶w̶ says

    why is foxy so rude

  22. twisted 5214 says


  23. twisted 5214 says

    big fan

  24. twisted 5214 says

    video Chris Afton place

  25. Gerald Westmoreland says

    *Play funtime foxy list*IM BARBIE GIRL ?

  26. Bubbablob2 Yeet says

    I love music man

  27. Jeff Moos says

    Hey foxy how was your meeting with Mike in his place?


    why do i feel like vanny us trying to be freinds with foxy

  29. bruh momento says

    ngl music man beatboxing is the best

  30. Moonstar fox says

    Sorry that was really rude let's just say I got into a fight and than had a mental breakdown

  31. Michael Daniel Velina says

    Can o join and free server and i don't have discord acc

  32. Nakia Scott says

    I just found out about this I’m sooooo late

  33. Shannon Gorges says

    can there be a video were they break vannys mask u dont have to though

  34. Fabiola Figueroa says

    When You Beat All The Hackers In A Minecraft Game, Your Músic Man In The Title

  35. Midnight_ playz says

    Wow cool video but can Puppet bring back the freddy clones???

  36. Daniel L says

    Before I watched this video i was thinking that music man has a lot of speakers to cover the ? well part of it

  37. olivia edwards says

    I have an idea for a video get in touch with aphmau and ask her to make a video with you about her visiting place and give her a tour in the video and title the video "Aphmau Meets The Friends" and credit me for the idea in the description

  38. Minibigjack24's Channel says

    I bet everyone would hear a lot of music

  39. Sean Vitanvil says

    You can se vannys face wen she gets hit

  40. Laura Callahan says

    Where is purple guy at????

  41. Sean Vitanvil says

    Music video music man beat box

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