Minecraft: Redstone Computer (V1.0) (Interactive PC, Calculator, Day/Night Controller)


Be sure to check out the better version in my channel!
This is my redstone ”computer”. It is a word processor, calculator, day night controller all in one. But that is just this version, if you check out my updates I have added way more features and so on. The computer uses no mods/plugins at all.

MinecraftForum thread aswell as the DOWNLOAD:

2 Command blocks in total if you don’t count the teleportation are used. /Day and /Night

Never thought this would become as big as it has, holy moly 1 million+ views. Thanks to you guys this happened!
Likes and other things are highly appreciated!


Also something that should be important to mention.
The song is a Project X Theme Remix created by Allister Brimble. Allister Brimble is/was a professional composer/arranger who made soundtrack music for software developers. It is unknown what he’s now up to.
I actually haven’t found the link to the exact version of the song I am using, but here is the link to other remixes of Project X.
Project X was a game for the Amiga computer. More info at

inb4 dirt house

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  1. LPG says

    I do try to read every comment. Yes.
    I think I have answered this request before, but oh well, anyway, I don't feel like doing something involving more command blocks, at least into this project, if I were to make a colour display of any sort, It would be on another project. Reason being I wanna keep down the amount of non redstone computing. I wanna call this a redstone computer, not a command block computer. Hope you understand.

  2. Memey McMemerMan says

    Pretty cool…

    but can it run doom?

  3. Memey McMemerMan says

    Stupid Mumbo Jumbo, won't make a computer…

  4. jhhwild says

    Now do this in survival mode!

  5. unknown's alt says

    Slow af computer but in the minecraft universe ITS THE FASTEST PC WITHOUT MODS kind of

  6. Joseph Webb says

    Can it run doom?

  7. Sean Studio says

    Mumbo-jumbo: finnaly, our battle will be legendary

  8. Braden LeVois says

    meanwhile im still trying to figure out how a comparator works

  9. Landyn Davis says

    it takes a loooooooooooooooooooooooooooooong time to load

  10. Landyn Davis says

    soooo coool

  11. Please make a iPhone with redstone.

  12. AGRForReal says

    Shouldn't you be curing cancer or something

  13. parlough says

    Brings back good memories checking this out again, still super cool. Hope you are doing well LPG!!

  14. Cladbar becue08 says

    Preety sick tho is harder in pocketedition i can only make and battery for this computer

  15. Alaska 1429 says

    And I am here making 1 bit RAM and logic gates

  16. SashaLepimond says

    И может он только писать.

  17. ABS-CBN CH11 Fan says

    Its windows made by microsoft made in light screen system is redstone

  18. junk stuff says


  19. kingofsponges says

    2:36 i thought he's gonna write the n word

  20. 허재준 says

    2013: crazy redstone computers with word processor, calculator etc
    2020: tNt yEetEr

  21. Entity 131 says

    "The Redstone is pretty simple"

  22. korn bread says

    I wonder if minecraft could be turned into CAD software

  23. korn bread says

    That windows logo 🤣

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