MINI Lego Table Soccer


A VERY NICE Soccer Table, OR Foosball!

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  1. john forts says

    dabestvideomaker I think he used a bb pallet

  2. Sardis the Yard Dog says

    it's fuβbal! XD

  3. BaggedKrusk says

    wao nice cood you give us the intructions

  4. Luca Fragoso V. de Lima says

    bro is you?

  5. Cheng Jia Jian says

    pls tell me how to make

  6. JackalRelated says

    + 1 sub.

  7. nikolas with a k says

    lets see, you have 5,501 veiws over all and he has 105,293 views on this one vid… U LOST!

  8. Abner Apindi says

    can you do tutorial???

  9. Vlad Ko says

    KILL ME!!!!! I LIKE it <This soccer table are awesome :DDD

  10. Thais Friederick Vallet Bartheld says

    Sorry, But is true, you're only showing that, the video wasn't to bad, but can be better, you can make another one with instruction of how can build it, or something like this

  11. Thais Friederick Vallet Bartheld says

    I lost 1 Minute and 19 Seconds of my life

  12. General. Goods says

    of course you can win ,there's only one team in that game,"black"

  13. Elizabeth Mackey says


  14. NitariaRex says

    i like the guitar solo better 😛

  15. kacper oszczepalski says

    tut please?

  16. Jonny Wilson says

    evidently not

  17. bob joe says

    Cool I think the black won on that game lol!

  18. hugh says

    who will win? the blacks or the blacks? OMG the blacks won!

  19. MrTherandom75 says


  20. joey iorio says

    wow your awesome! 🙂

  21. João Luiz says


  22. 20Pilotdude says

    Sweet Foosball table.

  23. 1addictedgamer1 says

    Best to play in class! All you need is this table and about 100 beads!

  24. Lauren Short says

    Its called fussball

  25. TH3BL0CKH34D says

    Tut please I am ur biggest fan i watch ur vids 10 hours a day

  26. TZ Blanc says

    How to

  27. gelooolac says

    you can kick the enemy's players.

  28. jigubigu says

    Please, make a tutorial!

  29. jigubigu says


  30. HalomasterA69 says

    Whats the song? And thats very cool for show if u have an office or something, hell i would put it on my editing desk

  31. LegoMan257 says

    Please make a tutorial

  32. Rommy Domita says

    can you make a tutorial?

  33. traX says

    Instruction or GTFO

  34. Luigi Mendoza says


  35. Skyheadful says

    @guitar919191 WHY DONT YOU?
    BTW this is called fuss ball (foose ball)

  36. Matěj Pupík says

    OMG good

  37. wormquake1 says


  38. LaserDisc says

    not bad, not bad

  39. GlitchesnHacks1 says

    plz make tut

  40. GlitchesnHacks1 says

    plz make tut

  41. Darryl Wo says

    Best soccer table ever!!!

  42. Richard Olejnicak says

    make tutorial

  43. penwriter123 says

    foosball? ha

  44. Gintoki says

    Hello, mind make instructions? I like this very much! :]

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