Mirror's Edge Catalyst – Rezoning District Dash [Act 3] (1 Hour of Music)


1 hour of mixed and extended music from the Rezoning District’s Dash during act 3 of the main story. The video follows the pathways from both the Out in the Open and the Under Construction Dash locations from start to finish.

Music composed by Solar Fields

Thanks a lot for watching! If you have any questions or requests please feel free to leave a comment.

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  1. useless gopnik says

    What happened to some videos? They got tagged private

  2. The Ragger says

    Nice music ! 😀

  3. Gaming Ambience says

    Last dash video tomorrow, Anchor act 3. Working on every Release mission video (chase, ambient and combat segments) now, almost done. Really enjoying this games soundtrack even more as I go through it more thoroughly. Not sure which mission to focus on next, may try and finish The Shard as I already started and created videos around some of the segments already.

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