Model almost falls several times during Kai Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show


During the Kai Spring/Summer 2013 fashion show, held at Manege in Moscow, on day 4 of Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week Russia (on 21 october 2012), the last model, wearing the wedding dress, almost fell down because of the high heels + long dress combination, and stumbled again several times during the finale walk.

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  1. dmitrigarcia says

    What happens when this happens to models? Do they get looked down upon by designers? Do they lose out on future work for it?

  2. Joanne Bagtas says


  3. Joanne Bagtas says


  4. Joanne Bagtas says


  5. Joanne Bagtas says


  6. Joanne Bagtas says


  7. Pari n says

    Why they make them walk in such a high heels it is spoiling there walk

  8. Sarada Roy says

    We should appreciate the fact that these model walks ok the ramp with such high heels.. Guts chahiye iske liye v.

  9. Benimaru Nikaido says

    They knew how to walk nicely but the shoes may sabotage them. Oh my…

  10. Chel Si says

    People who mocked her walk must not have walked with really high heels before. I know her pain when she first tripped. Cuz that only one trip will be really painful for a couple of minutes. Sometimes it can cause sprain. Plus she was walking well before until she tripped.

  11. Ronit Levi says


  12. nirmala singh says

    she was dancing or walking ….lol

  13. girl show says

    dam linked

  14. mira m says

    No comment???

  15. Robert Khate says

    Gone!! Her career is gone. No designer or casting agent worth a dime watching this will ever hire her again. Poor girl.

  16. maricar mjolo says

    The shoes is uncomfortable to wear

  17. Okay Leafar says

    PENGUIN hahahahahahha

  18. J.R. Edward says

    She walks like a penguin… 😀

  19. Akabar says

    poor model.she look shock

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