Monday Night Monsters Football Gameplay Trailer


This is a sample gameplay from Monday Night Monsters Football game. It features a full length 4 vs 4 gameplay starting from kick-off to scoring a goal.

As you can see, this game not only requires a lot of tactics planning but also some good maneuvering of the rushers!

Ready to break the deadlock and challenge 5 vs 5 difficulty level?

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  1. Athpotharaathi Manavalan says

    yo yo yo everyone is stressing about to get this theme song in robeats cuz u need to vip or stars to buy it.If u wondering why im saying is because there is currently an event in roblox rb battles.u need to find all swords and the shrine to get special items.Also if u dont even know what is roblox,roblox is online game

  2. Hacreey says

    Says the game isn't available in my country or region >:(

  3. Some random guy says

    Hey least its popular on Robeats

  4. Hanh n Nguyen says

    it's very sad that this a very good game but it's not getting attention

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