A man blames one of his son for bringing him misfortune because he was born exactly when his set back started. Jerry williams,emeka enyiocha, chika anyanwu mbogu, onyenze amobi, peace onuoha, oge collins, crystal okoye, anne anaekwe
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  1. Betty Diggs says

    No way not THERE nooooo. That's so sad the way they treat their own. I believe he MUST NOT be the dad's son he couldn't be not by the hatred they show and give out to HIM. IJS

  2. Betty Diggs says

    OOOH no I couldn't stay with them. Please find somewhere else to stay, PLEASE

  3. Betty Diggs says

    OOH this MONEY loving woman I'm tired of her.

  4. Betty Diggs says

    That dad and mom are the WORST I have seen. Especially the mom. Wowww

  5. Betty Diggs says

    I could NOT stay under his treatments it's too MUCH, I'll have to leave and start on my own no matter how hard it will be. At least they will not be able to say they helped ME

  6. Blessing Ada says

    Jerry deserve award in this movie do u guys agree with me

  7. Blessing Ada says

    Jerry u are good

  8. Joy Waithera says

    Wow nice movie

  9. Ochieng atieno Lilian says

    I don't blame this man but is the wife I blame ??she can't even defend her own son ??

  10. Lawrence Okechukwu says

    It's high time to abolish the word(forgiveness) for a lot of nigerians have really done too many crazy things to some innocent people in the past with the hope that those people will forgive them in the end" people should stop forgiving some wickedness

  11. Careen Nke Manyi says

    This Ifany's mother is so dump for my liking,

  12. Okoko Maiko says

    May the lord be with us no matter what we face in this f**king money world life, Sharaout too my supper lesion winner #Jerry

  13. Abass Success says

    For me ooo jerry will use this is father for money

  14. Jowanna 2019 says

    I am done feeling sorry for him now, there is no way i would still be around any of them fuckers

  15. Jowanna 2019 says

    Im sick of lookin at him crying an sad. Looking, LEAVE!!!!

  16. Wilson Igbinomwanhia says

    Nice one watching from Italy

  17. Ime Ifang says


  18. marion edwards says

    Next part please.?

  19. Alison Ellison-james says

    This father is getting on my nerve all he talks about is money money

  20. Vio E says

    This is not a wife.Horrible.

  21. Greatness bella says

    I am actually crying??? because of the way this useless father is treating is innocent child how is a baby the CURSE of your misfortunes useless father and useless mother… anyways the reasons for your misfortunes many years ago will finally come out soon….. AND I KNOW JERRY WILL MAKE IT…….. THIS TYPE OF STORIES ACTUALLY HAPPENS IN REAL LIFE 100%

  22. Grace Dlodlo says

    Jerry Jerry we are here for you your brothers are evil

  23. Bev Foote says

    1 am waiting for part 4 and 6

  24. Mezoh Rachel says

    The matreatment is too much for my Jerry ????God will see u through ?

  25. Mezoh Rachel says

    Nice movie

  26. atm says

    Another waiting game for the next season to come

  27. Amaka Iloji says

    The greatest i must say Jerry killed this movie awesome

  28. Dhj Dhhd says

    Am here mr. Sweet in the middle i know u will make it daling

  29. Henry Gozie says

    People who speak evil concerning you, will surely come back begging forgiveness by God grace ❤️

  30. Aloma worldwide says

    Next part pls

  31. Emmanuel Chidi says

    Onyeze next part biko

  32. kathy strickland says

    I hate to see him like this but they worry God will provide for him watch how you treat other…his father is very wrong for showing his other's son favoritism ….i am here for Jerry much love❤❤❤

  33. Lajean Rowe says

    Next part please

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