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Montreal – A stunning Canadian metropolis combining old-world architecture with modern dashes. Start planning a trip of your own after checking out the best sights here.

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When Mark Twain visited #Montreal in the 19th century, he was so taken by its many churches that he nicknamed it “The City of 100 Bell Towers.” Marvel at the imposing stone façade of Christ Church Cathedral, or stand beneath the great arched ceiling of the beautiful Notre Dame Basilica.

If you’re a foodie, you’re in luck, because the residents of Montreal adore a good meal, whether it’s poutine from a street-side bistro or fresh produce from the farmers market.

A #tour of Montreal will take you across cobblestone streets, through architecture that dates back to the 1600s, and to its wonderful its numerous green spaces. The city’s inhabitants take great pride in Montreal’s natural beauty, and hikes up Mont Royal or along the St. Lawrence River are frequent activities for locals. The riverfront and the mountain are full of striking photo opportunities.

For now, we hope you enjoy watching this #travel #guide as much as we enjoyed making it.

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  1. Forty Three North says

    Never been to the city centre but I've driven through Montreal a number of times. Maybe I'll go see it once all of this covid horseshit is over.

  2. Adam Dorgant says

    Great video, I would love to visit Montreal one day!!!

  3. BANAANISUKLAA6996 says


  4. Lan Holiday says

    Great video like a lot 🙂

  5. ashwin yoganandi says

    I am from India,,I love Montreal 🇨🇦🍁🥑

  6. Priya Verma says

    Anyone from. Cdi college.. Montreal

  7. Venture A Highway says

    I’m from upstate NY and I loved visiting MTL. It felt like I was so much further away from home than I was 🙂

  8. Jacob Raymond says

    Now I'm really obsessed with Quebec and Montréal.

  9. Vair Renato Carvalho says

    I loved Montreal but everything was frozen when I was there. I wanna go again but in summer time.

  10. jumblesgoodridge says

    Y’know, growing up in a French community in Canada, studying Québec, Montreal, etc, I definitely always wanted to see Montreal.
    Now, second only to Toronto, I think I’d rather see Montreal turned into a thermonuclear glass parking lot.

  11. 김재희TV- 김재희TV says

    Good to watch. It's time to get there!!!

  12. nasser abdi says

    Any good hotels there , I would like to visit , do they speak English there also🤔!

  13. POMMI says

    I really live Montreal! The most romantic place in the world! Hope to be back sion!

  14. I am Richi! Let's be friends says
  15. Ayman Damer says

    God bless Sweden and Canada ;the Swedes and the Canadians 🇸🇪🇨🇦

  16. Ayman Damer says


  17. Ayman Damer says

    Sweden and Canada are the two best countries on earth

  18. 十四漆黒忍者 says

    Not bad, for a 1 week holiday.

  19. Harvey Bhakti says

    Montreal, Quebec its my favourite city in Canada after Toronto, Ontario because the culture France very strong.

  20. Suri Lee says

    I wish visit it one day

  21. Mankiran Kamaal says

    Looks like New York City 🗽

  22. DownWithBureaucracy! says

    I dig the Jewish music playing on this lol

  23. Austin Maness says

    So many tourists.. Gives me anxiety just looking at it.

  24. Sponge Bob says

    I have lived in Toronto for the past 20 years and visited Montreal numerous times… and it's always something new and fun to do in Montreal and very safe at night in Montreal with a vibrant life if I spoke French I would move there in a heartbeat

  25. Nic Rondeau says

    They forgot to talk about traffic cones.

  26. michela derry says

    really stunning. Seems very expensive to live there

  27. Jake Howie says

    Looks a dope city

  28. John Does says

    How is it today with the COVID19

  29. Fatima JI says

    I live in Sherbrooke 2 hours away from Montreal and visited just some of those places like one or two
    And I visit Montreal like 5 times a year and stay for like a week sometimes with my family in our families houses
    I just hate staying at home when I can explore t city
    I can’t drive I don’t have older siblings that can drive my parents are not into this things too
    I have to wait till my big bro gets his license 😭😭😭😭

  30. Rahul Jani says

    Search Montreal Winters haha

  31. Mr Sing says

    Who's your daddy Montreal?

  32. dan cel says

    Super ce tour du Canada

  33. Arish Zida says

    Montreal City of Canada 🇨🇦 so beautiful gorgeous place and can I ask about live this city anyone have information about live Montreal?

  34. Arish Zida says

    Hi guys I'm kurdish from kurdistan 🇳🇪 I live in London I have a plan move to Canada 🇨🇦 Vancouver city anyone have information about live in Canada thanks?

  35. Mana's Talk Sessions says

    Thanks for this great video!

  36. Mana's Talk Sessions says

    Whats the cost of living there? How expensive is it to visit? Us dollars

  37. Carmen Ratliff says

    Mi maestra me dijo a mí y a mi clase que viéramos esto

  38. Carmen Ratliff says

    Mi maestra me dijo a mí y a mi clase que viéramos esto

  39. Celyne says

    My mum wants to live in Canada, My dad wants to live in France, and I want to live in New York City…I just found the perfect place!

  40. MontrealRappersAreAllTrashShitAndGarbage says

    I love Montreal proud to be Montrealers most beautiful city on earth.

  41. Miao Wang says

    Yeah it's pretty in summer and quite exotic because of its French root, but damn it's freaking cold even just early October

  42. Mozalthiric says

    I was honestly just vibing out to the music 🤷‍♀️

  43. Konstantinos Kattis says

    Great city!

  44. Bobz Cassidy says

    They gave the best pizza in Canada

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