1. ríkkO says

    Movie Name : Rocky HandsomeOfficial Remake Of — Man From Nowhere

  2. Sweet Roll says

    This is stupid as hell. I must watch this movie!

  3. ramirezrem says

    compared to really brutal movies, this is not brutal

  4. Milad H says

    Pleace replace "Most Brutal" with "Worst"

  5. Ramel Salazar Contreras says

    Oh hell nah

  6. Antonio Bittencourt says

    Cena bem parecida com Um Homem De Lugar Nenhum

  7. Johnny says

    Brilliant and well choreographed fight scene but hardly the most violent by a long shot

  8. M. Abdullah says

    Not so much brutal that was just normal fight

  9. münafık kevgir says

    if you havent any vain and nerve cells in your body you can fight like this style

  10. levrine gad says

    Literally the same to Korean Movie "Man from nowhere"

  11. Matze Laristo says

    Movie Name?

  12. Harpy says


  13. Luciano Tranelli says

    Its not as good

  14. Christian Lachawitz says

    What a crap. Worst acting, worst fighting. Ridiculous. Is this an indian movie?

  15. kash says

    nice comedy movie. (:

  16. Murtaza Khokhar Year 7 says


  17. James Barratt says

    Yawn Yawn and Yawn.

  18. NP445 says

    This is not brutal

  19. NP445 says


  20. Sobat YT says

    Semangat berkarya bro

  21. This Guy says

    This could work as a Punisher fight scene Just rename the title of the video And switch it to English

  22. Best Kept Secrets says

    If the action was any more acted, it would be a joke. Crappy fighting

  23. nige.rian_king says

    Image going to the hospital and seeing all the stab wounds and the cuts

  24. CHRIS SAVAGE says

    Well! He destroyed them. Who tf is this guy? Never seen this movie. Got to now!

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