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3 guys, 44 days, 11 countries, 18 flights, 38,000 miles, an exploding volcano, 2 cameras and a terabyte of footage = the trip of a lifetime.

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Watch these 3 travelers (Rick Mereki, Andrew Lees and Tim White) move, eat and learn their way around the world.

Enjoy this 6 week journey of a lifetime crammed into one epic minute.


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Original music by Kelsey James.

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  1. TravelForFootball says

    now, 7 years later, i like to think it was that video that pushed me out of the door. since then i've been to over 38 countries and lived in many of them….i love travel and it has made me the person i am today

  2. Geraldine's Glam says

    I teared up watching this again. I remember watching it when I was in college such a long time ago and being crazy inspired. I remembered it today after so long. Thank you?

  3. Simple Bert7 says

    They have the same background music as the Dove commercial lol.

  4. Hello There says

    I’d canibalize both my hands for a trip like this with my mom.

  5. Anna says

    Anyone else here for some Covid-19 therapy?

  6. Abdelbaaset EL TEIRA says

    What a great footage …..I loved it

  7. Al Capone says

    Such an amazing and upbringing video

  8. katafalk12 says

    Fucking snakes and hot ?

  9. Petit Gateau Filmes says

    8 yrs later and still gold 🙂

  10. sonu sud444 says

    I am using youtube since last 7 years haven't given anyone like yet but i couldn't resist myself tabbing like button..just loved it .. stay blessed…

  11. INFONOV - аэросъемка и видеомонтаж says

    Прикольно, но Рябит.

  12. SB Hopper says

    Just watched for the first time – incredible.

  13. Konner Krieger says

    where can i find sheet music for this song?

  14. rich Andy says

    I've been still with this short film seversl years

  15. Louies Parkash Abella says

    This is still my most favourite travel advertisement of all time! ??✨

  16. Alain says

    interesting the less

  17. yanny says

    I love this movie

  18. TONO Viaño says

    My MOVE. Inspiring 🙂

  19. Bertrand Schmidt says

    reims et verzenay ?

  20. Naila K Official says

    One day this will be ME

  21. Heath Harrison says

    Awesome video but poor pigeons 🙁

  22. Pavlos Elenis says

    beautiful video great advert serves the purpose

  23. meme says



    Best travel vide ever

  25. Irgi Fahrezi says

    1 million footage

  26. Rahman Ullah khan says

    is this full movie? where can i find this movie?

  27. Anh Chây Kây says


  28. Mike & Lydia's Travels says

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  29. Super Famous says

    love the first sequence in the beginning. Can anyone give me any insight on how this was created? Seems fairly simple and I'm pretty sure I know how -but would love to hear if someone has tried. Thanks!!

  30. Simonas Dailidė says

    I wish about this…

  31. Pola Magdalena says

    What's the song???

  32. Paulina R. says

    Ryan from h2o !! Cool video

  33. Thericolife says

    Cool edit!

  34. Maz Dela Cerna says

    Thanks so much for posting 🙂

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