Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 32 Actors' Accents | WIRED


Dialect coach Erik Singer analyzes the accents of some of Hollywood’s biggest names. How accurate were they really?

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Movie Accent Expert Breaks Down 32 Actors’ Accents | WIRED

Created by: Joe Sabia

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  1. flaxseed Fred says

    Zene did an amazing job in Bridget Jones

  2. Sophie Mcleod says

    As a Scottish person, I don't know what Mel Gibson was doing, but it wasn't Scottish. I think he deserves all the bad rap he gets lol. Same with everyone in The Piano. It's painful.

  3. Hazel Greene says

    Still trying to hear this guy's origin in his accent. It sounds so neutral to my originally Oregon-raised ears.

  4. onnagata says

    About German: What he said about the sounding is very true but also important is the inability of many Germans to pronounce ‘th’, instead they will go for a more ‘z’ sound like pronouncing the word ‘the’ as ‘ze’. I was raised in a Russian speaking household in Germany do not have any accent speaking English, German or Russian but can do them quite well if needed. My Highschool was mostly English and usually only the kids who spoke only German had trouble with English pronoun ist ion whereas all the other kids (Slav, Vietnamese etc.) did not show a heavy accent when speaking English. I do believe that knowing more than one language when learning an accent/dialect/language gives you more tools for pronounciation, speaking only one is very limiting as I also experience with English people I teach.

  5. Alli C says

    Really want him to do the accents in the VVitch.

  6. GracieVision says

    Brad Pitt's irish accent is not Belfast, it's closer to Dublin I think.

  7. Musicalmeme says

    you wouldn't know heath ledger was in this multiple times if the video didn't make that clear

  8. Pamber 13 says

    Next time include Dark Shadows and Hugo. Both really great. Surprisingly not enough people know about those movies. 🙁

  9. Anna Poszytek says

    As far as the Russian accent goes, check out Dan Stevens's performance in "Eurovision" (Netflix release). Pure gold! 🙂

  10. Joana Lourenço says

    Of course, Joseph Gordon-Levitt has a great French accent! He studied French at the university and he's a francophile.

  11. LuckyCat says

    Brad Pitts accent in Blood Diamond was amazing all around, I always took it as someone speaking the slang, but in your own accent. I say y'all but in my native Canadian accent. Also, I think Joseph Gordon-Levitts accent was more Canadian french, than Parisian french, he sounded like an Acadian. At least to my ears. But I'm not a trained linguist lol

  12. Abbey Weersing says

    Kinda weird that when talking about Blood Diamond, he talks about the Sierra Leonean accent which DiCaprio's character only uses when talking to rebels so that they will understand him instead of the accent he uses for the entirety of the rest of the film. No mention of his spot on Rhodesian (or now Zimbabwean) accent?

  13. Abbey Weersing says


  14. Noah Aubrey Linus Sorensen says

    when he said Xhosa with an authentic click…oh my god

  15. Thalassa C says

    “Who the *uck let this happen?” moving onOmg, best way to dismiss that ludicrously racist interpretation of “Asian accent,” Erik… I think I love yooouuuu

  16. M F says

    the braveheart accent?? who let him

  17. kieran says

    i love eric singer. his british accent is amazing

  18. Niamh McIlroy says

    Any of my Northern Irish friends who think the 'Belfast' accents sounded way closer to Southern accents than Northern accents

  19. Rebecca demornay tried to steal a baby says

    15:56 as a Brit with a cockney accent that one HURT he sounds like all those Americans on Tiktok who say “mental illness luv xx” but he’s being completely serious oh my goD

  20. Kate Morgan says

    omg he sounds just like adam scott

  21. Eamer says

    Jolie has a very good English accent but yes it is pretty old fashioned only my nan talks like that lol

  22. Kitty K says

    joseph gordon-levitt actually learned french when he was younger bc he simply loves the language and france in general. it would surprise me if he WASN'T good at speaking english with a french accent. he also has some lines in french in that movie

  23. Mithzyer Poblete Leiva says

    Como mierda hablan los paraguayos?

  24. That Chef says

    SO he is the god of accents? He could be an international spy lol

  25. Aditya Unnikrishnan says

    Leo wasnt speaking west african accent…it was rhodesian accent…

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