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If this video does well I will make a sequel to it because I know you will like it and Im unoriginal 🙂
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  1. CupNøødles says

    S M I L E I T L O O K S G O O D O N Y O U ! ! !P L E A S E R E P O S T O N O T H E R Y O U T U B E V I D E O S

  2. CrazyNaturekitty Live says

    PENGUINS OF MADIGASCAR IS AMAZING!!!! My parents and I love it. We have it on dvd

  3. Deyan Kolev says

    yeah similar with cars there was 1 2 and 3 in 2 and 1 there was'nt none of this Jackson Storm character

  4. KitKat Animations says

    I already watched treasure planet and Atlantis movie…. AND I LOVE THEM

  5. default sherab7 says

    I loved penguins of madagascar

  6. Shannon says

    James: I dont like alladin 2Me: cries

  7. Lailla Tumpap says

    Fun fact:Mulan 2 was made by students

  8. EliEnergized says

    My favorite animal are PENGUINS!!!!

  9. Fireaze TV says

    all theese sequels are in mickey mouse movie now

  10. MiniMissMia Mow says

    i love atlantis its one of my fav movies

  11. Sneha Wanaguru says

    James : I love dark crystalMe. : (crying)what is dark crystalJames: I love penguin of MadagascarMe:(happy cause me too )

  12. Zachary Jackson says

    Did you know? There was a lion king 1/2?

  13. Emilio Amed Del Valle Rivera says

    I hate remakes ?

  14. Hunter Lisota says

    Bosesette mug

  15. Ash Gaming says

    What about penguins 2

  16. Zico Roche says

    There is a life lesson looks don’t matter

  17. Liam da gamer says

    kool aid

  18. Isaac Hughes says

    James… frozen 2 is out

  19. רואי בורלא says


  20. gshuler13 says

    Dream works also made the captain underpants movie

  21. John Norwood says

    Hey James I think motto motto likes you!

  22. ryan malan says

    just released on my birthday

  23. Sebastian Cabrera says

    I was like for one that Madagascar penguins of Madagascar movie came out so yeah that's pretty cool

  24. Hayden Barnes says

    I think it’s weird how there is a lion king 1, 1/2, 2

  25. Matthew Buettner says

    The dark crystal: frickin awesome movie, the 2nd one I’ve never heard about so I’ll look for it. Also glad me and James are one the same page with that movie even tho it was creepy AF.

  26. Tahirah Stewart says

    Incorrect, happy feet will ALLLLWAYS be superior

  27. Camron Micah says

    I'm back james

  28. Skin Eater says

    4:48Fuck off the trilogy sucked

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