Mr. Bonner + Covid 19 = Returns Home


I decided to go home after being quarantined for 4 months alone. I missed my family and I decided to vlog this experience. I even gave some background I hope you enjoy it.

There will be no more Teacher Tip Fridays. It feels forced. In this season, I only want to create projects Text “Bonnerville” to 833-593-0363 so we can stay in touch and connect!

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  1. Dave Conway says

    Favourite educator!

  2. Akia Campbell says

    Great Video……home is where the heart is! It’s a beautiful thing to go back and refuel and be motivated at the same time to keep going! The best is yet to come, but you already know that!!

  3. Mwari world says

    farm looking so good ..😍😍🙏

  4. Mwari world says

    Hey Micheal safe flight …say hey mommy

  5. Tiffany Smith says

    Thank you for sharing! I loved hearing about that special place in your hometown. It really put a visual to equity.

  6. Yisiir Fields says

    I want you to work at south green ville

  7. C P Lee says

    Welcome home!!

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