1. Marko Kap says

    He sounds like Chewbacca at the end

  2. Mr. Zeppeli says

    Wait this isn't asian man singing in the snow original video

  3. Kiyoshi Scotty says

    Hahahahahhaha rondahildkjdn saccoeorer

  4. HopexSoul says


  5. The Peasant Rock says

    Soccer is Gay

  6. Athaban says

    Hablar español •-•

  7. KamuiiKanna says


  8. Darryl BS says

    ha ha ha haROBA AL NIÑO SOCCER

  9. mah says

    hoes be like hahaha ronaldinho saucerbitch xie hua piao piao bei fen shiao shiao

  10. 1izen says


  11. Car Fan says

    When there's a coronavirus pandemic but you test positive in COVID-19:

  12. Grey says


  13. Daniel Barrios López says

    Vine porque uno tenía que formatear el pc

  14. Bebé Polar says

    Can't wait to play this game in my switch!! Hypeeeee

  15. Ich bin Türkisch says

    this is not the sauce

  16. Andy Zhang says

    Anyone notice that they called Ronaldo ronaldinho

  17. Shaym N says

    Haha ronaldinho go soccrrrr

  18. Natsu Dragneel says


  19. Adri1 says


  20. Wölfen Tc says

    Ronaldinho soccer but no Ronaldinho at the title screen

  21. Puziel Amano says

    Wait this isn’t fortnite hack

  22. Fathi Rizqi Ananda says

    2019 dec 31: oh boi, I wish 2020 is a good year2020 : ww3, corona, economic recession, HAHAHAHA RONALDINHO SOCCSÉR!

  23. Imperial Legion Guard says

    jajajaja…RRROnaldinhUO SOCCXER!

  24. DatFurry Boi says

    Is this the new Rick roll

  25. Roy Vanstorm says

    Wtf last time I was here video had 300 views

  26. Sam Diamond says

    The Virgin International Superstar SoccerVS. The Chad 実況ワールドサッカー3VS. The Legendary Mundial Ronaldinho Soccer

  27. Greenpixel says

    Can't wait to play some Ronaldinho Sock Sell 64

  28. W.2026 says

    I just realized there are flowers on lower left and right corners of the screen. These bootleggers are so damn cute

  29. Primis Imperator says

    This is better than the Last of Us Part II.

  30. LaroTayoGaming says


  31. ジャード says

    i just was checking my dms with people and this link was in a dm with some dude and said it was some hentai, i love humanity

  32. Allen Edwards says

    I got soccerolled

  33. red hot liquid says

    But seriously idk when it was made but why is this a meme?

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