1. Anavil says

    I honestly thought this was the first boss battle theme reversed

  2. Pedro Paulo Pires Furini says

    Main Bosses Weapons by Book:I: Post Battle Panic of range 2II: Range 2 Bolt TowerIII: No OHKO for youIV: DC. AND Speed Based Damage Reduction. AND Debuff to your Atk/Def, plus no follow-up attack to you, when she in Goat mode.

  3. Hinoka says

    When N fought Alder for the title of champion in Pokémon black and white.

  4. Slavin Ragnavoire says

    i knewFreyja was pokemon

  5. Yuji Kurokami says

    Laughs in +10 Picnic Flora with close foil

  6. Ren Cen says

    I really dig this t rack eventhought the track that is inbetween the reference tune is abit repetitive. It just sounds so chaotic which fit Freyja!

  7. Schemes ! says

    According to the comments, a lot of people don't like Freyja's weapon. I had no trouble in killing her Map was EZ moneyy ?‍♂️

  8. Conspiracy Panda says

    It's like FE meets Nero's Day at Disneyland minus the erratic bursts of static and long tones…

  9. Ryuquendo ֆɦɨռɨɢǟʍɨ says

    Oh…! Freyr…

  10. Sherlock Morathi says

    eh to say … it's not that I like to discredit the one who composed this remix of the music of several battles against bosses from the franchise, but I will only say that it causes me as much repulsion to listen to it as to play any pokemon in GBA with speed by 10 with the music activated and that is enough if I am sincere : l

  11. Stick says

    This is becoming the most iconic FEH moment

  12. 홍시 says

    i was laughing before I realised that I will have to do this map sometime when I’m short on orbs, on chain challenge.

  13. Triton Lord says

    She's Surtr 2.0 (Rip Hel lmao)

  14. Gyuren Dakke says

    Soloing THAT map was fun with my F!Corrin.

  15. Maria Polternest says

    To be honest I wasn’t expecting her to be goat I was expecting more of an abstract horror but a goat works

  16. ChromPXNL says

    Pokemon black and white 3 vs Drean Goat Freyja

  17. Yoshi Kawaii says

    Now that Freyja is a Green Beast that transforms into a goat i wonder what Freyr's beast form will be like? Maybe a sheep? And what color would he be? I have so many questions lol

  18. l00c1s says

    Now how am I supposed to play the other Fire Emblem games now, Freyja?

  19. Alrox97 says

    Freyja has got to be one of the best villians on FEH …1-she becomes omnipotent2-a challenging map3-She uses freaking shadow clone jutsus4- THIS SONG!!

  20. Preston Holtry says

    Sounds like a gen 4 Pokémon battle theme

  21. Blue Sky Alchemist says

    I will riot if Freya isn’t summonable

  22. Yo Shi says

    had a pretty tough fight until Lysithea decided to just nuke every last one of them

  23. YaBoiMayo says

    I simultaneusly hate and love this boss

  24. _SOMEONE _ says

    The section at 00:55 is, in order, FE2 attack, FE5 attack, FE7 attack

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