1. Kosmix Fox says


  2. AntimatterNova says

    Nice Beat Saber knock off. Actual Beat Saber is still better though.

  3. D4rkzin says

    Como coloco musicas

  4. Corbinius says

    Mobile beat saber ripoff.

  5. LittleKayla Gacha says

    What version is this?

  6. FAZEKILLER says

    Make bitch lazanga

  7. cqka says

    How to get Music Slayer In Fast?

  8. Danilo Lopes says

    Esse jogo e incrível

  9. MACROS Gamer says

    por que ría de juego

  10. tang li hang says

    How to add music!!!on music slayer and music racer

  11. Adam BalkanGD says

    I actually really enjoy this game, but can you add things like difficulties, more map, light saber colours, and especially we slash it by move our own finger, not tap, thank you?

  12. x_____doggy_____x _____corn______x says

    Help me

  13. PRUCKY says

    nice gameplay, i have music slayer videos here on my channel

  14. epic gamer _664 says

    30 comentario like si hablas español lol

  15. Lambo60116 says

    Um… theres a problem i gotwhen i choose a music and dificulty when i play it, it doesnt play the game, it skips playing the game

  16. cancelar aceptar says

    Alan walker darkside y spectre y más

  17. PrinzPearl Aquatica says

    I Play that Game no stops ist reale awsome

  18. JDav says

    Buen juego =)

  19. PlinPlin Plon says

    The resolution on my phone kinda strange its kinda zoomed in but overall good one

  20. Andymanuel Barron says

    No aparece en mi play store porfa pongan los para versiones anteriores

  21. DeadMaster says


  22. DeadMaster says


  23. F.B.I says

    BRASIL apoia esse jogo

  24. 目眼芽メ牝雌米めメ says

    I bet this is rip-off of beat saber…

  25. jbone j3eat says

    update guys!! the beat of the song will match if I dont hit the cubes.. please add "Color Cues" to know if its "good hit" "bad hit" and "Perfect hit"

  26. БОЛБА says

    я играю вы самые лучшие разработчики в мире

  27. Armağan says

    i love it!

  28. Rovy ロビー says

    I know how do get it go to music racer then go to more games on the to left

  29. Blueark 45 says

    It's not on Google play store.

  30. Kai Ziegler says

    Is it only for apple available?

  31. Rovy ロビー says

    I can't find it ;-;

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