Musical Easter Eggs / References in Breath of the Wild


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What secrets, references and easter eggs does the music of Breath of the Wild hide?

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Thank you to my brother, Clangon, and Daniel Dobbs for helping with music analysis!

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  1. Pawn Stars says

    13:47 "oooh oh say can you see?"

  2. Zachary Bynx says

    My favorite is the opening to "Calamity Ganon Appears"
    It's an altered, choral version of the opening to "Final Battle Against Ganon" from Ocarina of Time.

  3. SuperCharged5 - says

    Everyone: talking about how the music references games
    Me: Q U I V E R I N G M U S I C B L O B

  4. Garbge can the channel says

    sub to alpharad

  5. Julia Krevis says

    I always say how much I disliked Skyward Sword, yet when I hear references to Fi’s theme I get emotional. It really does feel like she’s been waiting thousands of years to be reunited with Link and is still there for him even in the fiercest battles.

  6. Lemon Boh says


  7. Slothmanify says

    Oh god, I loved this so much…
    You have no idea how cool it was to connect those music references, and I'm a very musically oriented person

  8. Hannah Maurer says

    In Kakariko village there is a very small reference where it plays the Ocarina of Time theme. However, it is very hard to hear, so you need to listen carefully.

  9. Hyperactive Geek says

    How they put Epona's Song into breath of the wild has to be one of my favorite Zelda references in the game. Not only does it bring a lot of nostalgia, it actually fits in the overall world. Seeing Kass play it at the stables fits perfectly with the overall atmosphere, bringing a feeling of warmth, comfort, and safety. I wouldn't be surprised if Epona's Song would become a popular folk song in later years, even all the way down to Breath of the Wild.

  10. Hyperactive Geek says

    If the music of the shrines and ocarina of time's title theme really were intentional, it honestly speaks a lot about the relationship between the Sheikah and the Hero of Time and actually makes a lot of sense. In a previous video, you mentioned how Bongo Bongo represents the failure and shame of the Sheikah Tribe, so that when Link defeated the demon, he was essentially helping to redeem the Sheikah of their past, bloodsoaked deeds in the Shadow Temple during the Hyrulean Civil War, which just so happened to be the war that Link's mother was fleeing from. In that same video, you mentioned the idea that Gohdan is an artificial construction of Bongo Bongo built by the Sheikah to act as the final test for the Hero of Winds, clearly remembering the Hero of Time's conquest over Bongo Bongo as an pivotal point in history for the redemption of the Sheikah Tribe. In Twilight Princess, howling stones which not only bare a resemblance to the gossip stones, sharing the same shape and sheikah symbol except for a hole in the center, are used by the Hero of Twilight to contact the Hero's Shade when in wolf form, also thereby learning a new song. Whether or not Bongo Bongo was ever actually freed in the child timeline is up to debate, but it's clear Link was still respected and revered by the Sheikah Tribe enough to build these howling stones so that he might speak to his descendant. Even by the time of Breath of the Wild, the sheikah still remember him, spoken by the shrine's music, as a thank you to the Hero of Time for helping redeem the tribe.

  11. Seymour says

    Obvious reference plays with exact same tempo and chord structure

    Zeltik: I cAn'T tElL iF iT's InTeNtIoNaL

  12. roy klein says

    I believe the hyrule king song was first used in link to the past..

  13. SCOOTERBEAN says

    Hey there zel-THICC

  14. mac_without_cheese says

    everyone that was said "not obvious so i cant be sure" i thought was more clear than the others

  15. Isabel Noga says

    Link: Where were you all this time?
    Fi: Master, I never left.

  16. Isaac Collins says

    The hyrule castle plays the Ballad of the Wind fish

  17. Mike Hopkins says

    Very random note, but love the overlay design elements on this episode. The little Sheikah-styled wavelength player in the bottom left is fantastic. Thanks for another quality video!

  18. DRMegaone says

    My favorite two are all the towers music reference The Dark World theme in Link to the Past. Annnd of course horse riding at night references the original theme if you ride long enough. You mentioned several references to MM, most of those references originated in OOT and LTTP. Those two have sooo many memorable musical themes all throughout.

  19. D DOG says

    can those people who dislike this video explain why?

  20. De-whey says

    i thought i recognised the king reveal scene music…

  21. loSeanol says

    9:20 The Champion's Shrine/Ballad music, when sped up, sounds very familiar to a song in Link's Awakening DX. I forget where it plays…

  22. Aidyn Ogden says

    Mipha’s theme sounds like a remix of the song healing which makes a lot of sense.

  23. Kat's Art Corner says

    I'm not sure if people know this, but I think its cool.. I found a video showing all four divine beasts theme songs and within them are beeps that clearly spell out S-O-S in Morse Code within the themes, which I think is both sad and an interesting detail.

    Mipha's is obvious from the start as she doesn't seem to be too much of a fighter, Daruk's is faint but still there, maybe trying not to worry the others. Meanwhile Urbosa's comes in later as she fights but then realises she needs help, and Revali's also comes in later on, but is rushed once he has to swallow his pride and call for help.

  24. acevalentine67 says

    Are we just gonna ignore the fact that a small piece from the clocktown theme plays either out in about, or in certain locations, from Majora’s Mask? Has anyone mentioned this?! Lol

  25. Brambopulos says

    Use me as a "I didn't know Forest Haven was the Kokiri Forest music" button.

  26. Julia Krevis says

    The part with Fi's sound and theme almost brought me to tears. Music parallels are my favorite part of Zelda games. It really makes you feel the history of The Legend of Zelda

  27. RonicZX says

    he said zeltik about 69 times at the beginning btw this is an octorok ):0

  28. Punished Snake says

    my favorite is always the bit of clocktown that plays on the mountain peaks and high places

  29. Liam 808 says

    How much have square space been paying you? I might have to change my career path

  30. Ian Goode says

    Wow you have mastered the art of flexibility! I could hardly see you stretching half the time to make those distant musical connections seem close

  31. Matthew Honas says

    My personal favorite reference actually hides in the main theme of Breath of the Wild itself. If you listen to the music closely, you can hear that it is a deconstruction of the Legend of Zelda series (which has a ton of programmatic uses i.e. showing the decimation of Hyrule). This is most evident in the last thirty seconds of the song with the upward crescendo right before the climax of the piece.

  32. 5 Musketeers says

    U kids are supposed to be in school in an hour but I'm going to bed bc I live in America 😂😂😂 have fun in school LOL

  33. Israel Hernandez says

    The one i feel maybe everyone knows but never mentions is when youre climbing up a Sheikah Tower you can hear the notes to LTTPs Darkworld as well.

  34. MoneyCheckersGaming says

    Damn never noticed the potential Oath to Order and The Moon Dissapears reference which is dope. If it’s intentional that makes me happy as Majora is my favourite game in the series

  35. Sir Potato Bottom says

    Thanks for making this video. Breath of the Wild has a great soundtrack and I love all the references they included. Here are a few more you left out:
    -Something the composers confirmed in a really neat interview, not only are Sidon and Mipha's themes very similar, but they use different scales— Mi and Fa for Mipha and Ti and Do for Sidon (his Japanese name is Shido)! Their themes are also incorporated into Attack on Vah Ruta.
    -They also mentioned that the phrase used in the Divine Beasts Attack is also used in one of the DLC memories and the theme for King Rhoam's flashback. In the latter you can also hear parts of Zelda's Lullaby, the main theme, Ganon's theme, the Guardian theme, and Castle Town Ruins.
    -A more obvious one, Zora's Domain is a remix of the same theme from Ocarina of Time.
    -The four Blight Ganons all share the same theme, but use different instruments and backing fit for each champion. Calamity Ganon's battle theme is also a fully orchestrated, dramatic version of the same theme.
    -As you build Tarrey Town, the music adds leitmotifs related to the theme of each town the others came from.
    -Speaking of which, the Rito have a little leitmotif in their tracks— it’s present in Rito Village, Revali's Theme, and Attack on Vah Medoh.
    -Lastly, just a fact I think is neat. One of the composers for this game was Manaka Kataoka. She wrote some of the really epic themes, like the battle themes for the Guardian and Talus. But she also wrote the title theme for Animal Crossing: New Leaf, which I think is a really funny contrast.

  36. James Richardson says

    when i was first going through the game, and got to the Fi part, i genuenly teared up, cause Skyward sword was my very first Zelda game, and the game that got me into the series, so hearing her theme and the little sound was so amazing to me

  37. Rein van der Molen says

    How can you not discuss Hyrule Castle’s theme which is a combination of 4 themes!
    The legend of Zelda theme
    Ganon’s theme
    Zelda’s Lullaby and Hyrule Castle!

  38. Hannah Liddle says

    You missed the music that plays when you acquire the Master Sword, as it plays in multiple other games, including OOT.

  39. jvsfyt says

    I kinda thought the shrine one was a bit of a stretch tho

  40. T3TRA says

    Plot twist: Squarespace is Zeltik

  41. Squished Toon Link says

    My far favorite easter egg is the house theme found in cabins in Herba (and other places)- speed it up and BOOM! Nostalga.

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