Must Know Vietnam Travel Tips to Danang & Hoi An | Vietnam Series Ep. 1


Vietnam Da Nang and Hoi An Travel Guide and Travel Tips that you must know before you go. This Vietnam Travel Guide is part of my Vietnam series and we start episode 1 with things you need to know before you go to Danang as well as things you need to know before you go to Hoi An Vietnam. Da Nang Beach and the Danang Beach resorts are popular destinations and I will help you navigate through the city and give you my favorite tips and tricks. My Da Nang travel tips are based on what I wish I knew before coming to Da Nang Vietnam as well as Hoi An Vietnam. There are many things to do in Da Nang but I wanted to focus on the differences of each area, what each specific area offers and general things you must know when coming to danang for the first time. In fact, Da nang is the fifth largest city in Vietnam and located central part of the country. IT is locate don the cost of the South China Sea and is one of the most important ports in Vietnam.

There are more seafood restaurants options by the Da Nang beach area, like the ones where you get to pick out the live seafood from tanks or buckets and then staff will weigh it out in front of you. I personally enjoy this process andI think it’s more reasonably priced. So if you’re like me, this beachside may be your best choice

This Da Nang Vietnam Guide is the first episode of my Vietnam series. I will be covering Da Nang Vietnamese Street Food, Luxury Hotel and Beach Resorts, Vietnamese Airlines and much more.

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Must Know Vietnam Travel Tips to Danang & Hoi An
Links and Timestamps

1:18 – Where to Stay in Da Nang
Paris Deli Hotel

A la Carte Hotel

4:32 – Da Nang Beach Area
8:09 – Da Nang City Area
8:30 – Da Nang Dragon Bridge
8:52 – Da Nang Cathedral
9:11 – Da Nang Bach Dang Street
9:21 – Da Nang Duong Tran Phu
9:30 – Da Nang Marble Statues
10:32 – Da Nang Food and Restaurants
Foody Website

13:52 – Da Nang Shopping
14:10 – Da Nang Con Market
14:37 – Da Nang Han Market
15:42 – Da Nang Big C Super Market / Parkson
16:55 – Da Nang VinCon Mall
17:31 – Hoi an
18:29 – AO Show

19:37 – Tipping in Vietnam
19:52 – Vietnam Internet and SIM Cards
20:53 – Grab Taxi
21:51 – Da Nang Laundry
22:17 – Vietnam Massages
23:20 – Vietnam Drone Laws – FlyCams

23:57 – Vietnam Visa

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  1. Travel Tour Taste says

    Hello we cant wait to go to Vietnam . thanks for the tips they are really helpful . my partner cant wait to try all the foods. the bugs are one thing he is really looking forward to for some strange reason lol

  2. động sản NQT Bất says

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  3. KENNEDY'S LIFE says

    I wish we can go in japan..planed

  4. badhabit says

    Imagine if America had won the war….

  5. le loi says

    love to live retire there..

  6. Như Quỳnh says

    I am Vietnamese and I like your videos

  7. Gilbert Lue says

    Thanks for the info

  8. Huỳnh Minh says

    ✌?thank you paolo???

  9. Đệ Ninh says

    If you come to Da Nang (Vietnam) for travel. You need a moving vehicle??Please contact us. We offer you good cars and friendly drivers .. because you are our family ??Phone number : +84947 429 729Kakao id : GthanhhoaLine id : GthanhhoaWhatsapp : +84947 429 729

  10. Ace Vision Treks & Tours says

    Are you plan to visit in Asia? Make you visited here :

  11. Anonymous One says

    Hi Paolo you may consider visiting Philippines too ❤️

  12. Đạt Tấn says

    I watch to learn english 😀

  13. dkd da says

    oh damn, i see u there.

  14. Take Nakata says

    Nice place?

  15. Blue Butterfly says

    I heard Vietnam is beautiful but, I think in the countryside and villages. Not impressed with the area you're in. Love the beach area but that's it.

  16. Gipsy Dean says

    When I first saw this guy on the video preview photo on YouTube I thought 'what a goofy looking guy' but after I finally decided to check it out I was pleased by his presentation!

  17. 新宿立花 says

    Có ai Việt Nam không nè? I live in Thanh pho Ho Chi Minh, vietnam

  18. Nutri - Gains says

    Hey guys, I'm going to Da Nang in June. Which beach is the best to visit and are there nightclubs to party? I'm also going to Ba Na Hills with a motorbike and Hoi Ahn.

  19. Stuart McKenzie says

    Retires not welcome

  20. Stuart McKenzie says

    After July when the new visa law comes into enforce it will be a ghost town like Changi mi

  21. Blue Knight says

    Do they use US dollars there? or DOng? or both?

  22. Leshkafin Piano says

    Hello, how much is to borrow a surfing board in Danang?

  23. carissa 0910 says

    Just subscribed ? visit a must see attraction in Da nang!

  24. Daniel Liu says

    Grab is not in all of Asia. Just south east Asia. And Uber had sold its services to Grab that’s why there’s no Uber in SEA.

  25. Leann Lily says

    Vietnamese love coffee!

  26. Uyên Hàm says

    Hello, Tôi đến Tp Hcm Hãy đến Việt Nam nhé ????

  27. Giang Le T says

    Nice Video. Homestay 10 beautiful rooms, full furniture, modern, Sea View opposite Hyatt, Son Thuy Beach, Casino Crown. For rent whole house or each office area from 25-35-55m2. Priority for long-term lease.@t

  28. Paulo Gaeta says

    The prices listed for the massage don't include the happy ending… Lol I will be in Vietnam for the second time next week and this video about Danang is fantastic!

  29. Russ Coight says

    Do you recommend stay in Hoi An or just stay in Na Dang and go back and fourth if visiting Da Nang?

  30. Thục Linh Nguyễn says

    Paolo I think you should do another video about Hanoi!!!

  31. Thomas Teo says

    well presentation on Da Nang , tks for sharing

  32. Los Angeles Aerial Photo & AirBnB Photography NET says

    how much is the hotel?

  33. Graham Gunn says

    Really excellent informative guide thank you! Perfect info for my up coming trip there ?

  34. richard torrigue says

    Sharing our Vietnam trip last month November 2019 From Hanoi to Da Nang

  35. carissa 0910 says

    Ba Na hills is a must see attraction in Danang Vietnam!

  36. Timothy Parith says

    Thanks Paolo. I was feeling unprepared for my trip in a couple days. Your tips put me at ease.

  37. jeff crawford says

    Learn to hand wash your laundry. Buy quick drying non wrinkle clothes

  38. aanhong x90 says

    Miss my hometown Da Nang. Cant wait to go back next summer ❤️

  39. Cungaroo says

    2 years since we've been to Hoi An!

  40. Cháu Bự says

    Tui là người việt nam nè

  41. Nigel Walsh says

    Which App is the grabtaxi as there are so many kinds and cannot see the logo on your video ( which is great btw ) ? Do I install this app before I go to Vietnam OR when I am there? I am travelling from the UK next June 🙂

  42. A-Train Travels says

    Da nang looking good!

  43. Nhat says

    the drone part is understandable, what if your drone drop and hit on people or gas station, air plane and some sensitive place

  44. Zhu Bajie says

    Hoi An was the best part of my trip to Vietnam. I wish I had more time also in Danang Cham Museum but we got slowed having to dicker with Viet Air breaking my luggage. I got to see the Ao Show at the Saigon Opera House. Spectacular. Hoi An also had music, dancers, local pottery works, and more culture with temples of the various merchant guilds that you can shake a stick at.

  45. Xi Le says

    Watch this beautiful Da Nang My Khe beach crowded with people:

  46. Vell XZ says

    I’m Vietnam,! Who’s ish to go to Vietnam of ( dang Nẵng ) Mee!! I miss this city :3

  47. iDraft Pty Ltd says

    Great video. Was just in Danang this September, loved the place. If your a golfer and with a few mates (9 for us) then it's a blast! I found Google translate very useful. Google maps a must, so spend the $8 for a data sim card at the Airport. Also if your have the introduction letter for the visa and then pay the US$25 after filling in the form and waiting for up to 45 mins to process make sure that the US notes are in good condition $10 x2 $5×1 (then same again you will make a friend when they get rejected.) They tell you to go away… that was a bit daunting. LOL overall have a great time , no you will.

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