1. DgEmpreder says

    and i or fan

  2. Tinashe Maguta says

    Eddie josh already did that and most of downloaded it

  3. Jaqwon Fitzhugh says

    I looked on his Instagram but he sounds black

  4. I’m Depressed says

    Can I have a shout out I’m having a really hard day my brother moves away?

  5. Duuble SG says

    2:17 A is wide open

  6. Kool 2 says

    When are you doin another video on this I’ve been waiting 2 years

  7. Pop-tart Hopings says

    Oh shoot things are getting crazy

  8. Allen Rogers says

    So the Patriots vs the Steelers

  9. TwitchGram says

    2019, Jeesh, I wish they would play this again.

  10. bliss says

    I will send cartoonz 10k to tell us how delirious looks

  11. Angel Duque says

    I want to see more of this game, that 7 mutant death play was EPIC, I kept rewinding it couldn't laughing my ass off.

  12. Crazy Bro99 says


  13. jediops says

    he killed big sven

  14. Jay Jerome 3 says

    2:15 when he missed the wide open pass way down the field

  15. romel gaya says

    If this gets 20.0Million subs thats insane?

  16. king 16 says

    It's been almost 2 years, BRING IT BACK

  17. Bolo on controllo says

    1 more person down we know Delirious isn’t Tom Brady

  18. Blake Silva says

    steelers are my favorite team

  19. Red wolf says

    2:15 A was wide open easy touchdown

  20. Awesome Colona says

    That touch down on 8:39 was so funny and unbelievable I'm glad to be in the delirious army

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