I will not officially join a league until someone makes the CFL (Christian Football League) or any league that bans no no words!

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  1. Just Shark says

    Affr is the best league 😉

  2. The master says

    Hi juicy this was a great vid thank u and pls make more Football Fusion!!!!

  3. Denise Holley says

    JUCIy jhon I freand u my name is tylersocool689

  4. Kalvin Nhean says

    I Join Leugue?? Me username is gteev77777

  5. Kalee Webb says

    I dare yo to friend me username grantnola

  6. ToEFu23K says

    bans no no words

  7. Jaquarius Dunlap says

    Juicy can u friend theonlygoat49

  8. RobloxRamen says

    btw I’m too noob to even pass juicy lil goated at war cause he mossed me XD

  9. Weird.Jayson says

    I've been subscribed since he had 2k now he has 21k!!!!!

  10. flakey says

    quit the league before you signed me gggggggg

  11. mister bracley says

    If you'll be in the NFL than what team will you play for juicey john

  12. Leeza Imran says

    Can you please friend me my name is MVPARHAM1234

  13. Multivi says

    Day 1 of asking Juicy to make his own league.

  14. Michael White says

    Like if juicy john is a goatee qb?

  15. 1k subs With one video says

    Juicy:we are about to lose as a league teamScore 6-21

  16. Kizzy Kyle Plays says

    yea them leagues be toxic and dirty i can understand i left a league bc it kept spamming me wit no no words and just to annoy me. could u please friend me my name is sfd_kyle please it would make my day.??

  17. Dat BOI says

    Take a shot everytime he says "air that out"'

  18. lets get to 1000 subs with 2 vids plzzz says

    Hey yo it yo boy JUICY JOHN

  19. Kevin Nissley says

    Juicy, send me your discord stuff so I can friend you. We will make a CFL Christian Football League or friend me. Football201682#8272

  20. Landon’s Crazy Adventures says

    Can I join I’m acculy real good please my user name is but3233

  21. nelson garcia says

    Ur good

  22. nelson garcia says

    Can we 1v1

  23. nelson garcia says

    How much games do u play in football fusion?

  24. nelson garcia says

    Can u friend me plz my name is winnerboss781 I'm in a league

  25. Flopurduu YT says

    I bet my leaug can beat you

  26. Francene Morgan says

    I am on several league teams

  27. Alpha_playz says

    Ur friends with Mitch! I am too! How cool is that! Pls add me brotha im a good wr my username is “preston_destroys” and also Bryan is quitting ff ?he was my friend. And by Bryan I mean the global number 1 qb

  28. Alexa Drift says

    7:55 i fumbled the football

  29. LeBron James says

    Growing faster than dimer.. imagine

  30. Aura Winter-Ghost says

    Thank you for friending me,I loved donating to you edit: do you wanna play soon

  31. Blessed Gael says

    i would be good for the league but nice job!Ps: i Can always be a backup wr :))))))))))))))))

  32. janet Yapyapan says

    I left league bc of the same reason.

  33. Jay B says

    I saw the live stream u read my text omg dude you know hat time it is it’s… dime one boys

  34. Ethan Ryder says

    Can I be in your league I’m a good wr and qb

  35. Juicy John JR says

    can i join next game

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