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I went on a news fast, where I didn’t look at or read the news for about half a year.

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  1. Evelyn Smith says

    Yes! I've been on a huge news fast for a long long time and it's been so essential for me to unplug from the narratives and the fear tactics. It's super disturbing. People pitting each other against each other.

  2. Mysticat says

    I stopped watching all news in 2009. Best decision ever! Now if it comes into my hearing/sight by happenstance I can tell how manufactured it is to promote some agenda. It so obvious. When you stay away from the narrative we're being fed for some time you can really discern the lack of truth in it. ?

  3. Vargyas Kamilla says

    Exactly! I have almost never watched/read the news. I grew up with my mom who didn't care at all about politics, didn't have a tv. Because of this I am able to see it from the outside and I see exactly the same thing as what you say! People are much nicer, more pacific, although I do see that everyone is more and more distanced from others. Even if this politeness is not honest, but at least we got to the point where we don't kill each other for small misunderstandings, like we did in the past. People are much more conscious about spirituality, about the state of the planet, and it's true, people are looking more inwards for answers.After 25 years of my life not following the news, I can see that it does seem like a mindless game, poison fed to the crowds. If you listen carefully, all they are saying is crap.

  4. Erin D'Ambrosio says

    Also, yes kind people everywhere and it makes me tear up with joy.

  5. Erin D'Ambrosio says

    In my experience it is completely possible to have an opinion, or even a strong stance on something close to your heart and also see the "enemy" as an equal on a deeper level. To love them and feel the inner beyond the outer. I have seen many people who feel they are above all of the right vs. left stuff and they just create another side by default. At the moment I'm learning to just love people where they are at. Whatever lesson their soul is learning (including me). BBC seems to be the best news though when I do watch.

  6. Josh Lockie says

    I’m an anarchist and neither the right or left have even a basic grasp on that concept. All it literally means is that I want to end unnecessary power. Both the right and left just say I’m lying and I must be trying to trick them from the other side. It’s wild.

  7. Anne Brown says

    I can totally relate to this. I've been on a news fast for about the same amount of time. I watch in awe when I do periodically tune in and am shocked how apparent the "mind control" is. I also think people are nicer. It's so refreshing. Tides are turning!

  8. BADIA FIDADI says

    Me too

  9. Mario Morales Moreno says

    Nothing to say agains. All the ways are good. News realities exists, also worst ones or nicer ones. Focusing only on "the nice things" is a balsam we all need sometimes, but it's easy to fall in denial. It is very tempting…I neither say to focus on bad ones! Anyway reality is richer than news can show. On any "bad new" there is beauty and a big complexity of lifes, needs, emotions which are not visible. Only the rational (and sometimes distorted) fact. Fasting news is a good option I also need sometimes. But I usually use them to observe my judgements, needs, emotions or thoughts in general.Any interaction with "the outside" helps a lot if you observe the inside. Of course is better to create real and close interactions than virtual, limited or distorted ones.

  10. Peter Ribolli says

    War breeds fear/insecurity.Fear/insecurity breeds control, power, manipulation.Peace breeds love, freedom, community."Give Peace a chance"George Lennon.Philosophise.

  11. Space Bun says

    Hit the nail on the head.

  12. Gabriel Eggers says

    Thanks Charles, I've been following you for a while. I know this is a bit of a tangent, but I really feel like your mission and ideas/goals intersect well with Andrew Yang and his vision of human centered capitalism, recognizing the essential dignity in all people, and removing the scarcity mindset that puts people into conflict. I'm under no illusion that the way forward is through politically saviors, but if things are going to change changing our politics/economy (as you write about in Sacred Economics) is a significant part the process.

  13. Mark Delaney says

    Team Human ☮???

  14. ulrikelypayne says

    I am going through quite a bad phase of anxiety and grief atm and I don't know if a "news fast" would help or not. I don't like not knowing what is going on in the world. I don't actually watch any news platform or read the paper but everything on the internet will have a bias of some sort and there is a fair share of anger and hatred on the internet. It makes me feel so hopeless. But yes in my physical world I have the most beautiful interactions. Perhaps a step out of the digital world would help me in my current unstable state

  15. Emma Dedic says

    Me too- it is so amazing I got to read the books I wanted to read, i meditated I was creative… But i also got all the news because you cannot avoid it- there are newspapers everywhere and tv or radio in every store… I believe the information is everywhere cannot avoid it.

  16. Margriet Brandsma says

    Its not just you. I see it too. People are 'waking up' without even being aware about it. Its beautiful. Glad you took half a year of. I've lived much of my life without media and it certainly helped me to keep seeing things in perspective. With the internet, for me about 7 years ago when I had my first computer, I jumped on the rollercoaster and ran wild on everything I wanted to know more about. I had to learn to balance in that. I wish everyone a great Time Out of media ! Its needed. We need to stay in touch with 'real life'.Grace.

  17. Lynn Equity says

    Thank you Charles.

  18. Mike Servis says

    Welcome home Charles – I haven't watched the amygdala stimulating theme news for many years and don't regret it one minute. In lesson 132 of A Course in Miracles Jesus flat out states "there is no world" five times. Whether this is "your truth" or not only makes a difference to you. "Life is supposed to be fun" – Abraham

  19. donHooligan says

    Bernie Sanders is the Best Chance for a Better Tomorrow.this PRIMARY is important.forces of light and forces of darkness…the same battle Jesus fought is being fought by a Jewish carpenter, today.

  20. Nancy Ellen Peden says

    Yes. People are nicer and even more conscious and aware. This astounds and delights me daily.

  21. Nancy Ellen Peden says

    I obsess about the state of women and my own challenging situation. How can I be pacifistic when my own identity feels under attack?

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