my quarantine routine *attempt* // working out, healthy food, & organizing


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today I *attempt* to get myself into a routine during quarantine lol. I have definitely been giving myself lots of time to relax and be unproductive, which is TOTALLY fine. But, just so I keep up with some of my old and regular habits, I am trying to maintain some sort of normality in this time of uncomfort (: love you guys

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  1. Carly Janssen says

    Go on 4 mile run

  2. kennedy hunt says

    i have a question, how are we supposed to follow all of your stuff on your @neverfeelinglo account if it's private? do you request subscribers?

  3. Faith Watson says

    I know right that’s what i was like too but now I made so I get tired at 9 ? and wake up at six

  4. Demi Broens says

    Hii, I am a new YouTuber. I was wondering if someone wants to help me grow my subs and watch hours for the YouTube-partnerprogramme!

  5. T.V Show Edits says

    Your eyes are so pretty. I wish I had your eyes❤️

  6. Ju P says

    ok but why does she remind me of Natalia Taylor

  7. Anamika . I says

    Do you know Sadie?

  8. Екатерина Корюшкина says

    Ну что в 1000 раз скажу, что я русская ???❤️

  9. audrilina says

    best productive routine ever

  10. veronika chika says

    русскиееее вы де?

  11. Sanika Kothari says

    i dont know if you know who this is, but you look EXACTLY like gabi fuller

  12. busy bee says

    "Late night snacking" in the beginning of the video: I felt that.

  13. Tropical Candy says

    I sleep at 9:30 And wake up at 10

  14. Tamara James says

    when its snowing there and she says its rude but I live in Australia and would love to be her rn

  15. Peyton Meader says

    Me at 3am fixing to do the Chloe Ting for fun

  16. Peyton Meader says

    Y’all I stay up til 10am and wake up around 9pm and only eat usually a granola bar and that’s it. I went from 120 to 101. Day 78 in quarantine.

  17. Sassy Queen says

    I’m morally watching this 8:05 smh I’m still awake lol??

  18. シRebecca says

    This is so aesthetically pleasing I love it

  19. jacqueline`s Liv says

    i like your shirt, in the first clip, because you have a shirt on where it said Copenhagen. And i am from Copenhagen

  20. c e r y s xx says

    I feel like she's panting every time she talks. She seems really cold

  21. Lydia says

    I think I always looked at glowing up as physical appearance, but I realized a big part of glowing up is your mindset. Not only should I focus on my physical health, but I also need to learn to love myself and strengthen my mental health. I guess I need to realize I am enough, and no matter how much I change my physical appearance, if I don't change the way I think of myself i haven't truley "glew up"

  22. amour cloud says


  23. rosher kim says


  24. vale argueta says

    Hello lauren i'm from mexico and i really like your videos you are my favorite youtuber

  25. Austin Jules says


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