1. Whatsup says

    Gday! I'm a half Filipino travel vlogger looking for amazing stories to tell anywhere in the world! Have you got any recommendations!?

  2. Kash's RunTRA says

    Snorkelling is always so fun. Looking forward to your visit to my channel.

  3. Vitomir Maricic says

    under surface topics rule. Cool.

  4. Sathyaraj Palanisamy says

    Super Machi,??

  5. s azad says

    Nice ji…teaser'a ippadina full video eppadi irukum…eppa release ji..

  6. Ben Turton says

    Yo this is sweet?How long have you been making videos for?

  7. Dharani G says

    Nice… Eager to see the full video.

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