1. Cynthia Jumbo says

    Abc 7 news was like from 2009 2010 2011 2012

  2. Garry Johnson says

    Miss my hometown #Chicago

  3. Janno Juguilon says

    What is the program you used to make this video?

  4. johnothy says

    This was always the best! They need to go back to it. I can't stand the current versions.

  5. Johnothy says

    I wish they would reinstate this version of the theme we had come to know for over 21 years…their current one seems so sloppy–they might as well switch to Eyewitness News like WABC uses.

  6. Michael Polowsky says

    One of my favorite videos on YouTube!

  7. dzvxo says

    Nice! At least you put the copyright. That's most important.

  8. 15connects says

    The four is an hour……..it always has been, but great job anyways!

  9. Flatworldproductions says

    This was good! I liked it

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