MYKONOS GREECE TRAVEL GUIDE (Top Things To Do 2019) Welcome to Mykoynos – this one of the most popular islands in Greece and is known for its waterfront restaurants in little venice, greek shopping and the best clubs in Mykonoks such as Scorpios, Super Paradise Beach Club, Paradise Beach Club, Tropicana Beach Bar, Guapaloca,SantAnna, Jackie O’, Cavo Paradiso. In today’s vlog we’re going to be going over everything you need to know about Mykonos and the top things to do in a day in Mykonos, where to stay in Mykonos like Mykonos town, where to eat in Mykonos, where to shop, the best Mykonos parties, how to get around Mykonos Greece, how much Mykonos Greece costs and so much more.


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The Cruise That We Were On:

How To Get To Mykonos Resource:

Ferry Schedules from Athens to Mykonos
In the summer months, Mykonos is served by four ferries daily that depart from Piraeus port or Rafina port, and fares cost from 20 to 40 euros
* Blue Star Ferry (cheapest)
* Hellenic Seaways 
* SeaJets (fastest)

Where To Stay In Mykonos Resource:

Hostels In Mykonos Around $100:

Best Nightlife Spots:

Restaurants To Eat At:

* M-Eating
* Katerina’s
* Madoupas Cafe
* Fokos Taverna
* Joanna’s Nikos Place
* Eva’s Gargen
* Avra Restaurant
* Pepper
* Funky Kitchen
* Nikos Taverna


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    I love it??????????????

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    Mykonos is greatBut I'll be blunt.It's the best for place for enjoying the scenery with coffee and drinks and beaches with a side of getting laid every night

  6. Melissa Jomama says

    Mykonos party party party. Omg i danced so much it was insane. Santorini is the same. They know how to party. Best vacation EVER!!!

  7. sam says

    Traveling virtually during Covid ?

  8. Nee Ba says

    It’s pronounced Mykonos not Mykonose

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    i search for this place because of ,,,,,Bollywood film song ,,,kissa hum likhege dil bekaraar ka from the movie doli saja ke rakhna my favourite

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    Mykonos oreo ine sado mikro Venedik ine

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    I also suggest to go to the Garden of Mykonos, it has one of the best Mykonos Town view! Also Scorpious is an amazing place! And to have some fun Tropicana at Paradise Beach!

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    Can we see more video of what your seeing, and less camera on you? Not that we don’t enjoy looking at you, but we want to see what your seeing.

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    Nothing on earth compares to the things instore for God's children. The Lord has prepared a place with many mansions for those who love Him, and are called according to His purposes. No man can imagine what awaits those who love The Lord. And it will be for an eternity, not just a vacation trip.Jesus Christ loves you. He is coming soon. If you're willing, seek Him and you will find Him. I've seen Him and heard His voice. He sounds like a Mighty Lion surrounded by many waterfalls. It takes patience and persistence to hear from God.It's your choice to accept or reject Jesus Christ. I don't want to see anyone disappointed for all eternity. It's not God's will that anyone perish but all repent to receive eternal life. It's your choice to spend eternity with Him or departed from Him. Everyone has freewill.For those who are willing, now is the time to repent and prepare for the return of the King. He is coming. Everything written in the book of revelation will be fulfilled. Isaiah 55:11So will My word be which goes forth from My mouth; It will not return to Me empty, Without accomplishing what I desire, And without succeeding in the matter for which I sent it.

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    After traveling to the Cyclades, I made a short film charting this fascinating prehistoric culture. Check it out here:

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    Sonic unleashes apotos

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    "I am going to check the beach areas and where the beach bars are cause at this is definitely the thing to do in Mykonos" By the way most beach bars close after midnight so definitely not the thing to do at night in Mykonos.

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    Nice video, brief and informative but Please stop saying mikanose

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    34 Euros for a couple of salad. Jeez you got ripped off. Sorry you got off a cruise ship for a couple of hours and wandered round a couple of streets is not a tour guide.I've been numerous times (10/15 times) over the years. It used to be fantastic before the odd celeb / Cruise ships turned up and prices went through the roof. Great shame. Still a beautiful island in many respects.

  33. Ro says

    Laura this video is so great, thank you for showing us around, we shall book flights for summer! that white pigeon eating your nuts was priceless lolll xxx

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    The place looks too girly and overpriced for me

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    Fortunately I had the chance to visit Greece in the 80ies … kinda different … and better

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    I'm definitely going there on my vacation someday once I afford it.

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    so apparently Mykonos is not all BLUE AND WHITE…. the blue green and white looks so lovely. and the white and red building is also great.

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    Did you find it harder to travel without knowing the Greek language?

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    Omg what camera do you use??

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    I visited this beautiful island this July and I really wanna go back

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    Shit , i need to bring 20,000 euros before I visit that island

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    I am lives in mikonos????

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    The only people going to Mykonos are gays and idiots to get ripped off…….the islands of crooks and wannabes……..avoid it like the plague way overrated You'll find more beauty cool people luxury and better value for your money in many other unassuming islands……..Paros Naxos Symi Antiparos Crete etc………You'll Thank me later…….

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