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Exploring Liquin Mediums

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Exploring Liquin Mediums

There are five types of Liquin mediums, each will help you accelerate the drying times of oil paint; the varieties are a slightly different formulation of the original. There is Liquin Original, Liquin Fine Detail, Liquin Light Gel, Liquin Impasto and Liquin Oleopasto. Liquin Original improves the flow and extends your paint, as is shown here with Winsor Yellow and Cerulean Blue oil colours. Fine Detail is very fluid and self-levels brush marks, Light Gel provides a thick consistency and dries to a high gloss. The thickest are Impasto and Oleopasto, they will both retain brush strokes but Impasto has a semi-gloss finish whist Oleopasto dries faster and has a semi-gloss finish when dry.

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