Naga dish |delicious|Pork curry |fermented bamboo shoots| King chillies| by Makelifecious A


l Naga dish|Pork curry |fermented bamboo shoots| King chillies| by Makelifecious A

Hello ….everyone…today I made a very typical Naga dish ..,we love having pork with lots of fermented bamboo shoots and chillies .king chilli is also one of among our favorite…it’s gives us a unique taste which makes our dish more tastier .If you happen to get some taste of Nagaland ( northeast India)..u must try this recipe .
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  1. Bitupon Kalita says

    Yummy From assam kolita Community.

  2. Irene Madan says

    My husband is punjabi and im a Naga… although he doesnt eat pork he likes food cooked in a fireplace…so we bought a chula since we got a big balcony.ever since then I've been cooking his food in a chula..he loves it.been planning to visit Nagaland very soon…i miss home and my family and friends so much😊❤❤❤

  3. sammy till says

    What is the price for 1kg pork there???

  4. Wincom Solution says all North East India food items at given link

  5. Clement Frost says

    I've dreamt of eating this one…

  6. Piter John says

    Besi bhal👌👌👌👌💋💋

  7. M Ponkhi says

    these 168 dislikes probably are vegan or vegetarians..getting butthurt.

  8. Assam Gyan In Depth says

    How to ferment bamboo shoots? Please say..

  9. Winter Quin says

    I really love your cooking pots ,can you please share link if its available online for those pots….

  10. Napstars Senpai says

    Lots of love**from Assam (Ahom community)

  11. Anjali Narzary says

    Tasty fork meat

  12. Rituraj Deka says


  13. Ãñøk wãngshú says

    Imagine living with her 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤

  14. Barnali Roy says

    Nice video with wonderful experience from Assam

  15. chirayou bhari says

    I will try to cook as you did..looks delicious.. love from 🇳🇵

  16. Today news says

    Waw…because pork is my favourite dish

  17. sanghita das gupta says

    Is it for our Nagaland

  18. Doing Everything says


  19. Rajeena Gurung says

    Wow its looks very testy because I love pork

  20. Lika Chishi says

    Thank your for beautifully promoting Naga food. It’s so soothing to watch your videos. Kudos 🌈

  21. My DD Tv D R Marak says

    Very good video 🙏

  22. Rojoni Prova Boruah says


  23. Rajib Debbarma says

    I like this all my north east peoples .👍👍👍

  24. Abhiran Ray says

    Kun kun axomiya sai ASA comment kriba

  25. Zautea Sailo says

    Mouth watering.. 😍😍😛😛

  26. Ally Yeptho says

    Axone khoiiii…..

  27. EVERGREEN NATURE official says

    So delicious

  28. Manshak Konyak says

    I want to try the meat 👇👇

  29. Anushka Usha says

    Spicy 🔥

  30. Diyan Daimari says


  31. Aien Imsong says

    I just love how you cook keep updating ❤️

  32. sanjay tamang says

    i think its very testy yummy,,,,,👌😜love frm-Darjeeling💖👍

  33. Mary Jones says

    Am going to try your recipe, looking so yummy. Love from Mizoram.

  34. DAIMARI Entertainment says

    I love Naga dish 👌👌👌👌👌

  35. Yaiphabi Thokchom says

    I thought u have to put the pumpkin on the table😁

  36. Vanlalhluna Hluna says

    The lose tribes is Israel.

  37. Ariez 25 says

    Recipe for Naga akhuni chutney with tomato n green chillies plzzzz

  38. Jenny Wang says

    Love ur channel love frm Manipur

  39. aaa aaa says

    Wow it's so relaxing…

  40. Peter pan says

    Atleast eat infront of camera. Let us appreciate you're work

  41. Ashirbad Jamatia says

    Where did u get that black pot? i also want it

  42. Taniya Spmz says

    Invite me sometime 😁 damn I looks so tasty 😋

  43. W Reshmi Singha says

    You should have mentioned quantity. Else it's yummy.👍

  44. Gaigongmei Naga says

    Meat will be hard if we add directly from the beginning with bamboo shoots

  45. Prabesh Gurung says

    The only thing disappointing is i am eating potato and Green squash here😣 😣 while watching this video 🤤🤤…keep growing keep cooking delicious from sikkim ♥️

  46. Jati Jmr says

    What pot are you using?

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