Nando's meals make the news


Whatever you’re into, big meals, small meals or thin meals, mid-afternoon pick-me-ups or pre-exercise sustenance, tangy tomato or extra hot flavours, Nando’s has a meal that’s just right for you.

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  1. Keagan says

    i would have went for sushi

  2. AfroSamurai says

    Sushi ? ??

  3. Lefa Timakoe says

    lolz awesome…

  4. impala2222au says

    Looking for a 90s Nandos ad. Featured an old couple who were meeting their new gay neighbours. Though it was so cute and innocent.

  5. caramellow01 says

    lol lol

  6. Mbuso Shumba says

    Where are y'all goin???

  7. Alvin Ithier - Devotions says

    "Where are you all going!?", "Where are you all going!?". lol

  8. Fulufhelo Ngwana says

    Is Nandos Marketing team sleeping now, I am waiting on da Vavi Add. come now.

  9. mantawaz says

    hahahaahaah …CLASSIC !!!

  10. SooSerious2 says

    i wish your customer service was as good as your ads…….please speak to woolworths about customer service….you might learn one or two things…….

  11. Siphe Macanda says

    Hahahaha Nandos ke bosso

  12. Cwenga Zozo says

    Nandos, you guys are good at this.

  13. Ayanda Ngcobo says

    where are u all

  14. Nyasha Makaruse says

    Lol hahaha this is creativity at its best

  15. Donald Mahlase says

    LOL honourable member will be having pizza, sushi, curry maybe who ever is doing the marketing for nandos they really know why the got into this career of advertising. Namdos great adverts ever.

  16. Leona Pillay says

    Where are your'll all go wing? LOL

  17. Thabo Raboshakga says


  18. Ayanda Ngcobo says

    Nandos just kills me with their ads whoever is doing them are so creative.

  19. Awe Madzivha says

    lol where are you all going ?

  20. David Longwe says


  21. kenneth mkhatshwa says

    Nando's we doin it and it help full.

  22. Homemedrunkimtake says

    …Does The Virus Help Me Get Pecs Too??

  23. TSHEPO TLAKA says

    nando's ke yona

  24. Dillan Macdonald says

    hahahahah boram…IDIOT!!

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