NANTES France, Southern Brittany, Nantes City (Holiday Travel Guide)


From videos and pictures of Nantes city in southern Brittany in France focusing on its castle (Château des ducs de Bretagne), its magnificient Cathedral (Cathédrale Saint-Pierre-et-Saint-Paul) and its pleasant riverside of the Erdre.

For a more complete holiday travel guide to Nantes town, how to get there, where to stay and more special places to visit, go to

– Video of Nantes’ Mi-Careme Carnival:

– Video of Southern Brittany:

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  1. WcHDICE says

    10 years later someone burn down the church

  2. Keketto-Sama says

    I would say that we are Breton and not french , the same for catalan and spanish…I love my Brittany foreigners are welcome in My country 😀

  3. Corentin says

    Ville magnifique a visité mais arracher de son passé…

  4. brittanyholidayguide says

    Désolé Gustavo mais vous avez tort ! French people can speak English and make a video in English – we are not British people in France :=)

  5. Asbjörn Karlsson Asbjörn says

    British people in France.

  6. Asbjörn Karlsson Asbjörn says

    Me gusta la Bretaña Francesa, Nantes es Hermosa !!!

  7. Masterton RonnyJr says

    très belle ville

  8. unit666industries says

    great place

  9. Tanita Ray says

    Beautiful city

  10. brittanyholidayguide says

    @Meieli69 et on y mange tres bien … comme a Lyon d'ailleurs :)))

  11. Fabienne SUPPIGER says

    très belle musique, il me semble que Nantes est une très belle ville.

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