1. Jim Powers says

    I was born on that day not too too far away from that stadium, guess I was always meant to be a soccer fan haha

  2. hitman says

    as soon as the game was over me and my north burnaby friends put on all our whitecaps gear, that year they gave out these plastic jackets and hats,and went straight downtown to whoop it up, we stood middle of hastings in front of sears tower waving whitecaps towels and had that whole block honking their horns.then the reception at robson square.until the canucks win the cup, that is vancouver's greatest sports event.

  3. Dan Upsdell says

    They said the whitecaps were the best soccer team in the world that year , in fact if you won a soccer bowl back then you were considered world champions that is why it was so big back then were most of the best players in the world were playing the NASL as the pay was so high.

  4. Midnight Owl says

    Vancouver CSL championships, (Canada's only real domestic league)…. 4

  5. Venus Spa says

    @wade2bosh Unless you discount the CSL dynasty they had in the 80's and 90's when they changed their name to the 86ers. Then they won a few A-League titles and the way they are run will win an MLS Cup in a few years adding to their streak of winning the championship in every league they've played in…

  6. wade2bosh says

    @WatchVenusSpa vancouver….canadian championships…..0

  7. Venus Spa says

    The Whitecaps/86ers/Whitecaps: Canada's greatest soccer team!

  8. canada1824 says

    funkiest music ever

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