Natural Soccer Trailer 2015



Natural Soccer is a highly playable and fun arcade football game with fast-paced action, accurate physics and intuitive controls.

Inspired by 90’s classics like “Kick Off” and “Sensible Soccer”, it brings that unrivaled retro-style playability and pure joy to your PC, OUYA or Android™ device.


★ Highly playable
★ Credible and fun ball physics
★ Full and direct control of the ball, including “Aftertouch”
★ 3 different dribbling modes to support your style of play
★ Smooth graphics
★ 4 different pitches to play on – each with unique characteristics
★ Simple controls – easy to learn, hard to master
★ Full support of (common) controllers and gamepads
★ Up to 4 players against each other or in local-coop mode (controllers required)
★ Powerful AI for both CPU opponents and goal keepers
★ Sliding tackles with fouls, bookings, free kicks & penalties
★ Different Formations to choose from
★ Play vertically or horizontally, alter camera height and tilt
★ Over 200 teams with more than 2.200 individual, carefully crafted players
★ Offside Rule
★ League Mode


This trailer features real player testimonials and plenty of in-game footage recorded with NVIDIA ShadowPlay™. (Thanks a lot to NVIDIA™ for providing me with a free graphics card to support my work on Natural Soccer!)

Music: “Boom Guards” by Pierre Gerwig Langer

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  1. Magdalena Łazarz says

    Copy Sensible

  2. M.K.B. says

    mmmmm No career, no substitution.

  3. Kommissar says

    You should reach out to Kim Justice to review this.She already did a movie length documentary on Sensible, KO, and all those other top down football games from the late 80s early 90s.Keep up the good work!Will a Linux version ever happen?

  4. jessica limas says

    A suuhh

  5. Dripco Australia says

    Kick off 2 on Amiga the ultimate Real soccer fast paced ball control ……. can anyone make a PS4 Version just as good if not better ! Hope Dino Dino can continue his patches for the Kick off Revival for Ps4 it doe not have enough options yet ! or Personalisations of players etc colours teams so you can really have a true competition to play online.  Same with allowing team players to have attributes which can improve over a season

  6. AkaMegaMikeinator/mihemihe says

    Can you play online with friend in the same team?

  7. Dmitriy K. says

    The camera is too far away; the players look like ants lol.

  8. Just starting out says

    How does this compare to Kick Off 2

  9. Kha. Lid says


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