Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ


Retired Navy SEAL Jocko Willink breaks down even more combat scenes from movies, including ‘Saving Private Ryan,’ ‘Apocalypse Now,’ ‘G.I. Jane’ and ‘Navy Seals.’

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Navy SEAL Jocko Willink Breaks Down More Combat Scenes From Movies Part 2 | GQ

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  1. The Roast Files says

    Jocko doesn't shoot a gun. The bullets just escape him.

  2. FishGangMustDie says

    We needa have jocko read these comments

  3. Franco Matteo says

    Jocko looks like he can win Rookie OF The Year 5 times in a row

  4. Balakrishnan vinay says

    I saw jocko and i came straight to the comments section

  5. jay da says

    When you enter drunk.

  6. thatboy dre says

    The guy who is moving the boat didn’t actually speak English

  7. Paddle Pirate Fishing says

    Jocko is educated on all things military. And if he’s not educated on a subject, he learns it. Really incredible.

  8. julius gervacio says

    *Jocko finishes food* Jocko: that’s pretty unrealistic *food reappears*

  9. Petr Valkoun says

    not everyone has a breaking point. there are many examples of people brutally tortured and killed who did not break, did not provide any information and saved many lives. such as here:

  10. petter rasch olsen says

    When Jocko gets captured by the enmy, the enemy gives up Information

  11. Chris Mann says

    me: oh that movies is pretty cool. jocko: that’s pretty unrealistic. me: yeah i don’t like it no more.

  12. leroy214 says

    Great job Jocko. You did not say dumb, stupid or ridiculous. Excellent critique. Great explanations.

  13. Eder says

    Jocko doesn't have to wake up in the morning.He's already been up and self aware.

  14. SWERIC1 says

    Dwight D. Eisenhower? is that you?

  15. Leo Peridot says

    I bet SERE is probably more brutal than what they show in the movies and what Jocko is letting on. They probably want to know if you can take a hit and see if you can endure pain. It's one thing to dish out the pain, but to another to take it. Plus it's a way for the 'instructors' to hone their torture techniques. I imagine many have to push through the mindset of torturing someone and being able to cope with it. It's definitely one way to weed out the weak.

  16. Percyflag says

    I find his perspective very useful.

  17. Fungus says

    My grandfather on my dad's side was a mountaineer and fought in Italy. He was an artist who could tell you stories about the war and was there when future senator Bob Dole took shrapnel in Anzio. My grandfather on my mothers side was a Marine who fought at Guadalcanal. We weren't allowed to bring up Guadalcanal.

  18. COVID Zeitgeist says

    Jocko has no breaking point, the breaking point has a Jocko

  19. Scott Campbell says

    Chuck Norris fought Jocko Willink. The Milky Way turned into a black hole.

  20. Caleb H says

    Fun fact: Jocko was captured in enemy territory, and the enemy surrendered.

  21. Gäddan says

    When Jocko runs, he spins the globe to go faster.

  22. Herbster41 says

    I'm just here for the comment section.

  23. Hhhut Hhhjj says

    There are only two humans I think that can resurrect , jesus and jocko

  24. Arnav 77 says

    When Jocko gets stabbed, the knife bends

  25. Rayna Ramsay says

    I tell you land sickness is a think, I spent 3 days on an actual "Cutter" (small one that 13 people can barely sleep on). Once you are off, you cant even stand still while brushing your teeth, its like you had 5 bottles of wine and some.

  26. John Koldan says

    Can you get Jocko to break down the other military movie, not that “Marine”. That got called himself a “former Marine”. We do not ever say “former”about ourselves. Once a Marine, always a Marine!! I would rather hear this Navy Seal do the military videos. Way better!

  27. Don G says

    Jocko is our new Chuck.

  28. Weston Svoboda says

    People like Jocko are the reason I sleep well at night because the U.S. has people who bump louder then the monsters under your bed.

  29. Blob Fish says

    When jocko sleeps Freddy Krueger has nightmares of him

  30. BayAreaMCs says

    This comment section is GOLD ??

  31. Paavo Bergmann says

    Saving Ryan: Actually, the guy piloting the boat would have been a Royal Navy Sailor….

  32. Carrera4K says

    Jocko break down Dan Bilzerian.?

  33. Randall Perkins says

    When Jocko dies heaven goes to him

  34. fen welder says

    When Jocko sneezes ,corona virus books a ticket back to woohan .

  35. Nemesis 11FP says

    Jocko once threw a grenade that killed 50 terrorists… then it exploded.

  36. MPB Mason says

    When Jocko first left for college he told his dad “You’re the man of the house now.”

  37. MPB Mason says

    Heard Jocko actually died a couple years ago, death just hasn’t found the courage to break the news to him.

  38. John Helton says

    Jocko: We're just peopleMe: That's unrealistic

  39. Christian Agulto says

    Jocko said worst case scenario which means him waking up in the morning.

  40. mr FrootyLoops says

    why does he pause like every 5 seconds its so annoying

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