NBA Live 18 The One Career – 1st Game Got Em Leaning!


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4:00 1st basket
7:29 Got em leaning!

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  1. Danielle Harold says

    I can't believe that Fultz leave the 67ers and join Celtics

  2. Aarne Tervo says

    I love it when smoove takes sixers

  3. mynameis bob says

    it is kind of fun but those characters are so hideous

  4. Jaden Jabril says

    All they need to do is fix the rim and backboard mechanics

  5. DismalKibbles says

    13:38 it says he got ankle broken

  6. Berat Uçkun says

    Layup animations are more better than 2k

  7. Darkness says

    “Why is he dribbling”???

  8. Isha and Andrei Gaming says

    He does it a little

  9. Isha and Andrei Gaming says

    Somehow the game is kinda not reallistic because ben simmons hitting three's

  10. The Nhl20 player says

    How if Ben Simmons hit a 3

  11. Kelley McChristy says

    You know it’s nba live when Ben Simmons makes a three

  12. Damodar Tripathee says


  13. Dmex_42 says

    The layup animations are sick

  14. James Dah Turtle says

    Seth curry was on the Mac two different times???

  15. Prince Perfect says

    2k needs to combine with live

  16. D r says

    RIP nba live

  17. Feride Bexheti says

    But that face scan omg I'm dead??

  18. Toby Cotoni says

    Can you do another video.

  19. Davion Beal says

    Hey chris smoove u should bring a series of nba live back ??

  20. Djordje Petrović says

    Ok are we all gonna ignore the fact that Simmons hit a three??

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