NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News


U.S. coronavirus death toll is now the world’s highest, disasters declared in all 50 states, and concerns over coronavirus spread as some groups plan Easter gatherings.» Subscribe to NBC News:
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NBC Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – April 11th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News

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  1. Richy Cartels says

    Know that this pandemic is new to the medical system…of course their are going to be several short falls in the medical system. The important thing is that we learn from it all and work to improve all those areas because this infraction won't be the last, it's just the beginning of more pandemic's to come.

  2. Poes Kont says

    Someone gets eaten by a shark but according to his death certificate he died from covid 19.

  3. A 2 Z MEDIAS JUST 4 FUN says

    "#Break the chain" campaign to combat corona virus(covid-19)https://dai.ly/x7tjpez

  4. Becky Messer says

    I know how many people it takes to run a hospitals and care homes. Ground keepers, janitorial staff, laundry, dietary personnel, nursing assistance and I know I missed a few.

  5. Chris Budhoo says


  6. Becky Messer says

    I’m sorry. I don’t understand.

  7. turd hat says

    NBC means nothing but crap. And fake news.

  8. Anthony Stone says

    And are stupid democratic governments of today that want to infringe upon our constitutional rights have no right at all to restrict our religious services and our religious beliefs now they might think oh they're just going to a social Gathering oh church is just a social thing it's not our religion is not like a football game on Sundays or sporting event or a social Gathering when we go to church we fulfill our purpose in life we believe our purpose in life is to worship God not to worship the money not to worship the TV shows the movies the news God and when you take away our purpose you're taking away the reason why we live for those who are religious and that is sick

  9. Anthony Stone says

    This virus is taking away our human rights especially our religion for those who are very religious like myself and also in times like these people need their family people need their friends people can say oh I'm introverted I can be isolated I'm going to be okay no you're not us as human beings from the first day we were created are social creatures we were made for each other and personally I believe that this is a time of chastisement we need to wake up as a people as a human people we need to wake up turn away from the pornography the sports the movies the TVs and get on our knees and start begging for mercy and forgiveness cuz right now the big guy is not happy with us as a people and it doesn't help that the media of today the secular media just wants to instill Panic so that way they can get their juicy ratings in their juicy money. And it doesn't help that the politicians of today are nothing but liars and corrupt turds Republicans and Democrats but the Republicans are less corrupt turds May the media and the politicians of today be punished and may those who are innocent be at peace and if only people could see that our world is not a Utopia we don't have control now it's a natural human tendency to want to have control but we have to let go of that sometimes we just got to admit we don't have control when I always going to have control and we need to be at peace with that instead of being in constant fear we're not going to have a Utopia until we are entered into Paradise Everlasting that's just how it's going to go there's going to be plugs is going to be illnesses but there's going to be prevention's but this whole social distancing might be good for people physically but they need to think about the mental and emotional and spiritual well beings of the people it's going to have an effect and not a good one

  10. Ahmed Abdi says

    Before I worry or protect someone healthy, I have to secure myself at home and pray for all humans, Allah to protect us from this, coronavirus and others disaster. Ammen By the way, let me guide you about the essential information for human life, black seed oil, don’t forget in your car, every place, use with hot drinks, tea, coffee, just only 3drops, no more.

  11. Adelina Marshall says

    Pls get some rest frontriners.

  12. Adelina Marshall says

    Pls stay home.

  13. Tom Jakovac says

    Dr. SHIVA Ayyadurai Scientist and Biological engineer, MIT PhD Crushes Dr. Fauci, Exposes Birx, Clintons, Bill Gates and company! No Bill Gates vaccines!!!

  14. Truckingit says

    They are controlling you with videos,satanic media liars to destroy your way of life ,your jobs, business is hard to believe it but is the cruel truth that you don't want to see,the new world order control all these puppets,from Cuomo to deblasio to dias balard ,you have no idea how evil these people are ,and what they will do to convince you that all these videos are real,they have an army of soulless satanic actors that will do anything ,you must consider it because your world is based on lies,these are not reporters all channels are control by the same satanic cult,CNN,cbs,abc,and all of them,everyone of these people are pushing for these draconian satanic measurement to control you ,thesepeople are not like us,they. Are soulless.

  15. Lily Collins says

    Pelosi wants to give some to Iran. Why not Israel? Second stimulus check$ being held because Schumer and Pelosi want money sent to Iran.

  16. Paul Hetherington says

    Whose head? Corona = head– singular. Lar– Hawaiian – swedish. Wuhan– vuhan — magic use of, hands legs– instead of mouth. GOV has, plenty of problems of. Swedish isn't, China! China– uses swedish. My shin.

  17. Bobby Bacon says

    Young and “healthy”

  18. B T says

    I am telling you stay home order is not working in a lot of places.. like my area, there were a lot of people partying yesterday.People just ignore the order everyday… The worst part, the stay home order description is so confusing!They should just lock down the whole country for 2 weeks, and only allow the important people like the people who work at medical places, police officers, et.c to be on the street.Otherwise, this virus crisis will never end…

  19. charles tavila says

    Lies…lies..True lies

  20. Sgt Joe Smith says

    $1200 aint gonna pay for my new ferarri. we need more money from the government

  21. Sgt Joe Smith says

    40 years from now civil rights activists will worship the guy without a mask who refused to get off the bus for mask only people.

  22. review info tech says


  23. Paula says

    The American people need masks, gloves, hand sanitizer and Lysol spray!?. The American people have nothing to protect ourselves against the coronavirus!?. I've noticed ALL the other countries are wearing masks and gloves!?. Why??. This is outrageous BS!? God help the American people!?

  24. RetroArcadeFan says

    Stop saying – Breaking News, really!

  25. Jacques Lomba says


  26. Illa 0 says

    Play the Trumpets…. and now for some sound effects: bee dee dee dee deep…boop bitty boppity…. (News Reporter with Excited voice) BREAKING NEWS TONIGHT… DEVASTATING TOLL OF THE CORONAVIRUS… Wow, you guys are taking these deaths very seriously I see. This is a mockery to those who have died. You guys need to do some self reflecting. You don’t need to create an anxiety causing intro when reporting on the deaths of our citizens. People have enough anxiety. Fear Mongers.

  27. Jacques Lomba says


  28. Wolf_oo1 says

    government should not fear people god damt get tufter if not more will die ! look at other country's

  29. Izzy says

    One contagious person in those churches will create hardship for innocents not attending the services. The churches defying federal and State orders should lose their tax exemption. No exceptions. Let’s see what they do without their socialist benefit from our government.

  30. Paul Prejean says

    I think we are going to go to the China model. Test positive and be removed from your home for isolation until you test negative. That's the only reason to continue building so many beds.

  31. WE AL says


  32. ron mott says

    fake news

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