NBC Nightly News: Lester Holt on the Suspension of Brian Williams


The day after NBC News management announced a six month suspension for Brian Williams from NBC Nightly News, Lester Holt informs viewers of the suspension and offers his own personal note.

(Aired on NBC Nightly News on 02/11/15)

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  1. Vincent Roy Flora says


  2. Danny says

    Lester appeared to have a hard time announcing the suspension. Ms Turness should have gone on the air and announced it.

  3. holly pietrzak says

    The other news anchors like Tom Brokaw Peter Jennings Dan rather Jim Lehrer Lester holt David Muir Scott pelley and Gwen ifill and Judy woodruff never lied about there news stories?

  4. holly pietrzak says

    It doesn't make any sense to fire him?

  5. Kobie Mack says

    Trump is God..Thank Russian Hackers..For Rigging Election..?

  6. Sangstar1 Videos Presentations TruthResearchers says

    Would Lester Holt please explain, did you violated Election Commission Rules by wearing an earpiece during the debate between Trump and hillary? Please Mr Holt explain why you wear an earpiece, and what was the purpose, as well as did anyone advice you to wear an ear piece.

  7. S. Labouisse says

    People need to realize that Lester Holt is a MSM traitor to his country and to the rest of the world. Traitors need to be 'hung', even with the 'MSM" attached.

  8. broandrew says

    I have NO more trust in Lester, you can tell you are paid big $$$ to rag on Trump and Hillary already knew of your questions before hand, she answered them all too well. Trump had to stop and think before replying, you interrupted his talk 42 times and Hillary only 7 times. The infowar is lost to youtube. Less and less people watch TV news any longer.

  9. Nathan Pikula says

    Brian Williams looks like Ms. Small

  10. sea jay says

    i want Lester Holt on the Suspension for his terrible bias coverage of demo debate just wht NBC wantded

  11. suckmyassloser says

    I like Lester Holt and seem to watch NBC nightly news more than before He became main anchor.

  12. 18661873 says

    You reap what you sow.Progressives ruined network news by pushing their own agendas.For instance, remember the way NBC edited the George Zimmerman 911 tapes to make him look like a racist?How about the when NBC edited out the words "under God" in the pledge of allegiance?"The 2015 State of the First Amendment Survey, conducted by the First Amendment Center and USA Today, was released Friday. It shows that only 24 percent of American adults agree with the statement that "overall, the news media tries to report the news without bias," while 70 percent disagree."

  13. Cynthia Marie Demambro says

    I miss you Brian Williams

  14. lena diva says

    Lester, I saw you, your wife and son on the TV congratulating you. They are so proud of you. I am also. As a black woman seeing a black man take a popular anchor job, it is refreshing! I loved Brian Williams work , but I love your work better! Congratulations, fine intelligent, and gracious man!

  15. Douglas Steele says

    lester holt is a little republican ass kissing bitch…

  16. Sam Adams says

    Old Lester looks like he had his ears batted down too many times. Damn near have to glue them glasses to his head. But any ones better than the Great White Lie, Brian Williams.

  17. hello says

    Lester Holt is the man.

  18. FreewayInterstate says

    SECOND CHANCE? The only people in need of a second chance are those under the age of thirteen. All others know right from wrong and should be treated as such.

  19. Todd Jones says

    We, our family, will never watch Brian again! ever!

  20. Mopar Man says


  21. Hello says

    They are being to harsh on him. I love Brian Williams. Even they said it's on this one story. If you watch the original story he did in 2003, it's quite accurate. I think the details just became a little more wonderful over time. Just like the movie 'Big Fish'. We discovered in the end the father's stories were true, just had a little more "color" to them.

  22. Katie Williams says

    Brian Williams deserves a second chance.

  23. Jk Stevenson says

    Well, if Brian Williams does not come back, it is Lester Holt who should take the helm. Tremendous holding power, great newsman, great TV anchor.

  24. SalemKid says

    Pissed off cause Brian Williams just missed all thisWatching all these cheap imitation Lester Holts get rich off 'emAnd get dollars that should've been theirs like they switched wallets

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