SEASON 4: Wrap up

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RULES: No Matter how good we get we will never have a 5 star recruit. if we become a 5 or 6 star program we will only go after ten 4 star guys all year. that’s for in-season and off-season recruiting. if we become a 3 to 4 star program it will be only five 4 star recruits in total that we can target.

since we are a 1 star program we can only recruit 1 and 2 star players. we can only target a total of ten 2 star guys. some may choice to go elsewhere but since we used that target we can only replace them with a 1 star player. if it is a 4 star guy when we get to that level, we would replace him with a 3 start or lower.

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  1. Ej Thompson says

    We want longer games and videos

  2. Steven Bouchard jr says

    Sam Jones really goated reminds me of tyreek hill

  3. The1matic Film Clips says

    Why the suspension bro?

  4. Juwan Jones says

    More gameplay and show us what you are Recruiting more too

  5. Green Army team says

    im so pissed

  6. Billy S says

    If Lester comes back you should redshirt Obi. His overall is pretty high

  7. DatsTUFF says

    Question. If NCAA Team interest is high is that good, cause I just got a 2yr bowl band on my dynasty.

  8. Jamaradio DAVIS says

    No, it wasn't a bowl ban. You do nit have any bowl tie ends you have to play more ranked opponents.

  9. Flight Vendetta says

    Gotta turn the CPU assistant off

  10. Gavin McCullough says

    This is truly a great day to be a Jackson St Tiger. You all won 10 games, Coach of a Year, and also Heisman Trophy winner that is a wonderful feat. Great job coach and guys.

  11. Matthew Mendoza says

    OOF. I hope those 4* dudes don't try to transfer after the RS.Sam Jones would be a beast in a Draft Class import.

  12. Shedrick Johnson says

    LETS GO SAM JONES‼️‼️‼️‼️

  13. TPS says

    You should do whatever is easiest for you. Just my opinion, but I always love watching your videos no matter how long the quarters are.

  14. Cory Simpson says

    How you forget recruiting 😂

  15. Henry Ogala says

    Import your draft classes into madden 06 please!!!! You’ve been saying you would do this for years

  16. Osiel Martinez says

    Tbh I really like this series man u doing your thang man

  17. Larry Williamson says

    Longer vids please

  18. Litxcaps Carti says

    Please longer gameplays

  19. Korede Productions says


  20. playboogie says

    Called Sam jones winning the hesiman a while ago I don’t know why there was even a ceremony for it they could have just did it at his house lol and yes longer videos

  21. Dee Stolz says

    Sam Jones or Aaron Coley?

  22. ARIEL GOLD says

    Game play is fine as is

  23. ARIEL GOLD says

    Damn that bowl game ban

  24. Lighty Gz says

    4:06 we don’t really want longer vids DAWK we REALLY want Double Headers !!!! #JSU

  25. Randy Reinhold says

    Had to hit you with the dislike. Swear I was turnt af and you clearly had a 1 yr probation. Apparently not. You had me hyped all year watch this squad with lester and jones and Ashley in the clutch on 3rd downs to………. no bowl game. Props Sam Jones for the big one but damn no game big dog

  26. cole stevers says

    How did ya not make a bowl??????!!!!

  27. The1matic Film Clips says

    Dope stuff brother, is this ps2 emulator?

  28. Jaimen Mozee says

    Do longer game play

  29. James West says

    Just cut them

  30. The High-rophant says

    6 to 7min quarters would be coolU will have a 1k yrd rusher for the first time if I'm not mistaken. Idk if Young ran for 1k or not when u first started

  31. Dujuan Jones says

    Yes longer game plays

  32. Kyle Gibson says

    I'd love longer videos.

  33. Dujuan Jones says

    Eyyyyy Sam Jones the Heisman winner, I see you Big dawg

  34. Clamp God says

    Longer vids fosho

  35. - DLBJ - says

    I knew he was gonna make that mistake with them 4 stars 😂

  36. G 4 P says

    I wish you didn't tell us he won. I wanted to be hype

  37. stormb28 says

    Sam “Who” Jones or “Big” Bo Ricks?

  38. Necroglobule says

    I feel like a proud uncle, watching my little boy Sammy Jones come of age, and now he's a Heisman winner. I will miss him when he's gone.

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