Nelson De La Nuez Living Large Monopoly Art ; Luxury Travel Wall Street Pop Art by King of Pop Art


Living Large is a luxury Monopoly and travel themed painting with Mr Penneybags on a shopping spree, dressed in his finest with a Hermes gift
It is a one of a kind, mixed media 64.5″ x 48 painting on canvas by pop artist Nelson De La Nuez, known as the King of Pop Art and sold in galleries internationally.
You can see this painting at his Hamptons gallery until sold or view on his site
De La Nuez is in major prestigious corporate and private celebrity collections.
This piece encompasses everything “luxury,” and fabulous in life….the stock market is up and Mr Penneybags is happy to spend his wealth.
Sophisticated and nostalgic, this painting is meant to be a focal point on a large wall.

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  1. Yosep Project says

    Wow…amazing. Love all your work but the Monopoly ones are so great. You are a true artist-not like that Alec guy. Admire & respect your work.

  2. Timeless Time says

    Awesome art!! Wish I could afford this one but maybe someday.

  3. camuflado tv says

    Hermes. my favorite 🙂 I have some of your other work.

  4. purple official says

    Will you be somewhere in future where I can meet you in person?

  5. PES GAMEING says

    I want to hang with you -you must have a cool life… love your work

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