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This channel is all about:
mlbb new hero
mlbb new skin
mlbb new event
mlbb new update
mlbb new hero 2020
mlbb new skin 2020
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mlbb project next update

A channel for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang also known as MLBB. This channel uploads new hero coming to original server. The channel also shows the new skin of your favorite heroes. You can also watch here the new events and new updates for Mobile Legends.

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  1. iCoCow says

    I will be giving away 3 Epic skins this month of September.
    Deadline: September 29, 2020
    Announcement of Winners: September 30, 2020

    1. You must be a subscriber and you hit the notification bell. (Important)
    2. You must have atleast 10 total comments on my entire channel. (Important)
    3. Like and Share our Videos.

    Note: I will be using random picker to be fair to all the participants. The actual picking will be recorded and will be posted on our community tab. So be sure to hit the notification bell for more updates.

    To join the giveaway, Fill up the form.

  2. Tyler WaTeRmElOnS says

    I want a fanny epic skin because fanny is my main hero and IAM not lyingUser:Duke_Fishron_17

  3. Senpai chan says

    Not bad

  4. hydro sonic says

    Nicee update

  5. Obsidian 1682 says

    It sounds more exciting?

  6. Mark Angelo Sanoy says


  7. ItzTiny Playz says


  8. Mlbb Hate me says

    This music is so scary Like i am in war😱😱😱😱😱

  9. marjed Datig says

    Nice bgm pra ma iba nman at bago sa pandinig.

  10. Rj Agung says

    Waiting for NEXT

  11. Moh. Rifqi Faiz says

    Good video, the new is better?

  12. Sunjidul islam Princ says

    new music is awesome

  13. Syafik Sz says

    I like this new one music

  14. Douwa Hangsing says

    Loved it

  15. aiman ariffin says


  16. chonmindou hangsing says


  17. kyar ywat says

    I love this song♥️

  18. Jhodel Billod says

    I miss the old 515 music in the lobby

  19. CJ Killer says

    Hoax Tuh yang Asli ada Badak Nya

  20. Ryu Studio says

    Am i in middle earth?

  21. tommy fernando says

    Moontoon have some sense on music art… >.<

  22. Aldrinjoseph Mercado says

    I am so excited for mlbb project next for the info bro

  23. Banned player says

    I am Just Excited That Old Heroes will be Back in Rank & ClassicBut Need Justice_For_Vale***

  24. Luna 루나 says

    Me: Cool You're Elgin's friend. I didn know

  25. Ricardo Pino jr says

    Wow thats awesome background music it looks like really a battle ground war 😍

  26. Sushi Fox says

    Ahh, I will always remember Mobile Legends music :))

  27. Lloyd George Bernilla says

    Me again

  28. LESIN LAMA says

    i am used to the old music

  29. tyler aldemita says

    Encouraging music backgrounds

  30. Crydar says


  31. Lone says

    Almost every player will feel they are I the medieval era while playing this game I've got goosebumps everywhere.

  32. Atheris Viper says

    Woaah, awesome BGM😮

  33. Walter Yhu says

    I love the last lobby musiccc it's new to my ears and the music shows a lot of emotions and spirit I just love it💖

  34. suds nair says

    OH WOWWWW!!!

  35. rowmm says

    ok this part of the update is good somehow

  36. John Stephen Bayogbog says

    I always get Excited whenever i hear the MLBB sound hahahaha

  37. Jemmuel Kun says


  38. Coo1 Gam3r says

    Ohh its actually good

  39. LAVAHAND says

    The sound is so cool

  40. Death Gamer says

    They did a great job

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