New CFB game for $30. Is it any good? (Maximum Football 2019)


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  1. Not The Expert says

    20% OFF Manscaped + Free
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  2. Ben Tea says


  3. MisterJonesification says

    No it's not. And if you're wondering, 20 is also a giant pile of garbage. Bad games, made by a sensitive dev that tries to bully youtubers. Not a good look when you want people to buy your games.

  4. Gary S. Huddleston says

    Terrible game lol

  5. Rob Tierney says

    If your going to make a football game that isn't Madden.. Just do like a Robo Wars, or Bad News Bears Football Game. No penalties.. You can attack the QB before the snap.. Play on a concrete street… Why not.. People die in the game.

  6. ColeYote says

    I know this video's over a year old, but I'm not sure there's comment addressing it: SB stands for slotback. Basically if you've got multiple receivers on the same side of the field, it refers to the ones that line up closer to the OL. Typically they'll be larger, more possession-focused receivers. Might be asked to do a fair bit of blocking on outside runs, might run a lot of sweeps. Y'know, Larry Fitzgerald-types.

    Do you know if the guys who made this game are Canadian? Term is a lot more common up here, possibly because NFL teams didn't run a lot of plays with 3+ receivers until the last ten or fifteen years.

  7. Itz Cyrillic says

    12:25 thank me later 🙃

  8. Cody Holzrichter says

    It’s like playing a 1989 madden

  9. Miles Easton says

    The "yeet" on the pitch rolled me 💀💀

  10. Hudson Beard says

    oathout is amazing.

  11. D Bell says

    This game should be $1 if not free, what the fuck lol

  12. SLS Gaming Network says

    Oh yeah! Had to watch this. I run a Madden sim league on my channel. Need to know if a switch is needed. Thanks for this video!

  13. Steve Stone says

    Somehow still better than madden 21

  14. Chingychangchongchong Billy says

    Lmfao this game is sooooo bad it’s actually laughable 😂🤣🤣

  15. Michael Brooks says

    I appreciate EA a lot more after watching this. 😂😂

  16. The Wrestler says

    Spoiler, the game’s awful.

  17. SpinelliFurtado says

    What's with the weird and random last names? Can we get a Smith or Johnson here and there?

  18. Zachias Noble says

    "Once played a game with a separated shoulder."

    Roger Staubach enters the chat

  19. TheSBleeder says

    Only Nick Saban can infiltrate a game made by 3 people.

  20. TheSBleeder says

    I have it.

    No. It's not good.

  21. Dyante daniels says

    Hope you give 20 a try

  22. 2nd Armored Division says

    All those logos are generic logos they bought… all of them are e-sports and vector logos you can buy.

    I know- I used the Knight with the sword logo once.

  23. Sam Chu says

    These are made up teams. Why pay $30 for the game? When you buy a copy of Madden 20 on eBay for about $15 and download the mod that let you play as a college team. You only get 32 teams. But these are the real teams Alabama, Florida, Clemson and others.

  24. FrequentFinesse says

    Lol, you should see this dude Ryan Moody tryna act like this game is great

  25. Kevin Newsham says

    This is this first game ever that ive seen my last name. I might buy it now lol

  26. Jeffrey Linaburg says

    My man NTE Roasted Colin which is so funny😂😂

  27. Tuan P says

    I think the recruiting would be fun and the ineligibility would make it more realistic. A few years with the gameplay getting better, it should be interesting.

  28. M1lkL1zard says

    Roll Tide

  29. nickgavis0305 says

    Wow they actually made the running look 10 times better than madden

  30. Guardians Creed says

    How could you not see Cincinnati Bearcats with the north Cincinnati whatever it was

  31. Zachary Rich says

    They can make every logo from scratch and ea can’t even add new ones. Take my money idc how bad the gameplay is they’re trying more than EA at this point

  32. Kareem C says

    Better gameplay than madden in a way

  33. No Body says

    The Krabby patty joke killed me low key 😂

  34. Chase Miller says

    I actually really enjoyed this game. I hope youll pickup MF 2020, they have an upgraded engine, and they could really use the popularity boost

  35. Upside down says

    This is why people keep buying madden

  36. brandon arredomdo says

    Honestly if they had like 20 people working on the game it would be better then madden

  37. Freezie Pop says

    Hell yeah North Cincinnati!

  38. Justin Stone says

    Brb gotta go wash my hair

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