1. Island Blooze691 says

    one of the most breath taking movies I've ever seen…I applaud :>

  2. Olive Del Rosario says

    Good movie

  3. Skyleigh Inot says


  4. Ahjiao Ahjiao says

    I cried a lot????

  5. wild spirit says

    Why all beautiful movies has sad endings not fair I don t like that ???? hate that

  6. Luigi Stacatalina says

    Now watching

  7. Payon Rai says

    Willow ??

  8. Yasir Sheikh says

    Plzz dubbed hindi

  9. Yasir Sheikh says

    Movie name

  10. Nonna Gantsia says

    How I wish this will be happening in real life too.nat such thing us internal love

  11. fans donghua anime says

    Like 2020

  12. Marie Flint says

    I love Chinese fantasy–the choreography, the special effects, the costumes, the settings, the philosophy, and the relaxing, etheric sound track. Aaahhh!

  13. Midhun Mk says

    OMG….. What a fantastic love?? story… l was crying when I completed this movie . The end was soo…sad

  14. Kashili Yepthomi says

    Sad ending ?

  15. polite critique says

    Where is movie bull demon king 2017

  16. Marvin Dondoyano says


  17. Praveen Kumar says

    Hindi mai kab aaeiga

  18. Philipred Philipchareng says

    The ending make me angry

  19. Swapnil Kashyap says

    I cried being a guy. Willow ❤️ Love is a symbol of sacrifice. So true. Parental love is just like this. ?

  20. pampaswerte masubukan nga says

    Fox lover

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