Just enjoy the music ???

  2. jeonky. says

    This just sounds sad don’t know if I’ll be bopping to it ☹️

  3. DacrasherZ says

    It sounds like one of those songs from a dramatic scene in the movies or like a russian winter type

  4. Raja Suny Oktarino Pratama says

    Nice song

  5. Beast of Gévaudan says

    Bruh honestly hearing to this gives me goosebumps makes me even more eager for the damn season 9 not gonna lie jst can't wait and ofc the allied powers forever

  6. Asfandyar Ahmed says

    Call of Duty: WWII
    2017 PC game theme it is going to be an epic season❤️

  7. Rahul Sidharthan says

    "Brotherhood of heros" editted version.

  8. Prince D says

    Basically COD WW2 music

  9. ツBravo141 says

    Every season their music just gets better and better. This is a masterpiece imo

  10. Murphy says

    1:48 onward feels like harry potter 'courtyard apocalypse' song

  11. Prithviraazzz CODM says


  12. Arnel James Diesta says

    Poor soilders, who died in WW2 🙁

  13. Junayeen CoDm says

    Season 1 theme song of Halloween, Christmas theme song and the Radioactive Agent themes are the best.

  14. Frenky GoodBoy says

    America is already lose againts vietnam?

  15. Mr. N34L says

    Bruh this theme is giving me goosebumps

  16. Space X says

    But why am I feeling sad o___O ??

  17. -xqLuiه?- says

    Call of duty world at war mobile ?

  18. david alvarez says

    Let's all just take the time to appreciate this masterpiece (other than the season 6 music lol)

  19. Arokiya Raj says

    Bro watheGB udata

  20. arifnoob0 says

    Ww2 is my fav theme, i love soldiers

  21. Devils Cry's says

    so.. the next season battlepass could be WW2?

  22. S1ST CODMobile says

    Call of duty WWII

  23. Trap Star says

    Sounds like music off of metal gear solid

  24. NinjaDevil says

    No one can beat COD in making us cry , happy and most importantly it gives the feeling every second

  25. NinjaDevil says

    I am so excited to get season 9 because the music got me related all the cod 1,2,3 and wwll

  26. Random thoughts says

    Who else feel like at the starts it’s kinda the same as call of duty ww2 song

  27. Jaf Dejano says

    It's like the one from world war II Nice?

  28. MLG_ freddy_56 says

    Thay better bring back zombie mode

  29. Ankit Rai says

    I think season 9 will be based on COD WW2 ❤️

  30. VN phecan says

    How the heck did we go from wild west to ww2?

  31. Late Reply says

    Codm knows how to make good music and i love it

  32. Ankit kumar patra says

    It reminds me of harry potter intense scene

  33. Michael Kenny says

    Hoping they make a behind the scenes video of the production of the music like they did for Rust

  34. Ethical hacking says

    Hold up we're in the endgame no no sorry we're in the world war II

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