New Game Mode RAMPAGE | All New Skins Gameplay | 16 New Maps | Brawl Stars Update


New Game Mode RAMPAGE | All New Skins Gameplay | 16 New Maps | Brawl Stars Update Sneak Peek
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Today we take a look at all the new Skins, Maps and New Game Mode Coming to Brawl Stars. Which of the new Skins are your favorite??

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0:00 intro
0:42 Mega Beetle Bea
1:19 Ultra Driller Jacky
1:45 King Crab Tick
2:05 Streetwear Max
2:30 Retro Nani
2:53 Mecha Paladin Surge
2:54 Super Ranger Brock
3:11 True Silver & Gold Skins
3:51 Pirate Lex
4:50 Hot Zone Maps
5:28 Showdown Maps
6:07 Super City Rampage
7:31 hUltra Driller Jacky Gameplay
8:11 Mega Beetle Bea Gameplay
9:51 Streetwear Max Gameplay
10:21 Mecha Paladin Surge Gameplay
11:08 Super Ranger Brock Gameplay
12:13 King Crab Tick Gameplay
12:54 True Gold El Primo Gameplay
13:26 Retro Nani Gameplay
13:43 True Silver Leon Gameplay
14:33 Balance Changes
15:37 Outtakes


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  1. Lex - Brawl Stars says

    FYI the video intro idea was taken from a really great Tech YouTuber Gerald Undone. If you're into tech stuff look him up on Youtube! see your comment in my next vid? Give me a funny phrase like how I started off this video. Example:Hey everyone Lex here and I, like Gale, am a silly sausage. Or Hey everyone what's happening lex back today because I had no where else to go. Br creative. Be funny!

  2. Xlixzu says

    Hey guys it’s lex and like chief pat I like to miss my Brock shots and waste money

  3. Cool Boy says

    Btw golden leon too lex

  4. Ashton Ramritu says

    U Saïd og not oj

  5. Infinity’s Revolution says

    Cod lex in brawl stars shop

  6. Neil Butler says

    Happy birthday witch was like 4 days ago also amazing video

  7. Konstantin Tanevski says

    Lex:emz,el primo,shelly,piper.Leon:am I a joke to you

  8. UnAdept_ Gamer. says

    Lex:Its only 30 gems for the Nani Costume.Me:Having 0 gems ?(Actually I have Ten Gems)?

  9. Florina Stan says

    Happy birthey

  10. Tiko Jr says

    Just got mega beetle be with code Lex?

  11. sniperboi codmYT says

    Damn that pirate lex skin for 150 gens that's s bargain

  12. Beast Brawler says

    I'm gonna sub to everyone who subs to me to help out other little brawl stars youtubers:-)

  13. Jed Xu says

    Wish you a great birthday lex stay safe

  14. No FANS Gaming says

    Do you get to look at the skins if they’re not in the game yet?

  15. Lalitha Iyer says

    Happy advance birthday lex

  16. Benji - Brawl Stars says

    Happy Birthday Lex when Mega Beetle Bea comes out

  17. Poop In pants says

    hey every one lex here and and for your infomation if you dont use code lex in the brawl stars shop your account will get deleted i like turtles

  18. Bosefuss says

    Hello guys lex here the auto aimer

  19. GAME TOP says

    Brawl top supersell look ooh

  20. Jack Qian says

    Happy birthday ??? lex!

  21. Ayan Miah says

    happy birthday lex

  22. ________ツ says

    ANYONE WANNA SUBS ME, I will sub to them 😉

  23. Jaxon Dirusso says

    King crab tik comes out on my birthday!

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