1. gustavo oliveira says

    E o batle royale do teletubs acho q so falta ele pra lanca rsrs

  2. Technotron says

    Where is this week's trailers?

  3. Marcus Finance says

    are you demonetized?

  4. Black Dragon Studios says

    Firestorm may finally get me off PUBG, miracles can happen…If you have 40 seconds feel free to stop by and check our our new VR games trailer: https://youtu.be/vkU8I53vVJ0Thanks guys.

  5. Ronnie Hopper says

    Well here this game tell if the Nazis weren’t that bad since you know they allow black women in their army with no other allied unit did that

  6. Tymoteusz Gancarz says


  7. Senshii 1 says

    Dear Apex Legends players, watch the first trailer to learn what is a REAL game. Have a good night.

  8. eidod23 says

    literally the only game that looks like fun is halo

  9. Alex VrotMneNogi says

    То чувство когда понимаешь что играть то и в нехуй, режим королевской битвы это полная хуета. Но как же тупые разрабо-хайперы пытаются урвать и себе кусок этого пирога пока он ещё тёплый

  10. Ian Barry says

    all the halo games were on pc already

  11. BAREFACE VEVO says

    This graphic actually have a great features it should been a movie it been a blockbuster hit the billboard?

  12. Bonjar Basumatary says

    Battlefield V is it to be release for andriod phone

  13. Aman Uli says


  14. L0reweaver says

    wow, all of these look like shit

  15. braincollector911 says

    Gwent witcher card game is more better than HS

  16. Ma Lishi says

    Can You put some contact info to You? email? TY

  17. Native of the Land' says

    What a joke helicopters in ww2 why even bother just make a modern game

  18. Balong Vlogs says

    That moment 0:56

  19. openskies11 says


  20. Sylas Martin says

    Can’t wait for battlefield 5 battle royal

  21. Jaroslav Záruba says


  22. Ali Erdinç YİĞİTASLAN says

    Helicopter? Realy? True history so realistic

  23. Shadow Pheonix says

    The Division 2 game play https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4QSP-ka-VJY&feature=youtu.be

  24. Taghi Farmani says

    Halo on PC? FINALLY

  25. huh oh yeah says

    halo reach grind: Activated

  26. Nightcore Nguyễn says

    Battle field v with game play like pupg

  27. Shaggy says

    Yes my alwonce just came

  28. Maestro Ian says

    My first time first 5 comment. Like please

  29. Savage Rama says

    Now I think of my wallet coz of this gaming

  30. sandro lelashvili says


  31. Well says

    Omg Hallo back

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