*NEW* Gun Game GAME MODE in Fortnite


New Gun game Game mode in Fortnite!

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  1. Bonnie Bithell says


  2. Dirpy S says

    2 906 334th YYEESS

  3. Mustafa Mohamed says

    me name is FOOT

  4. Hina Khan says

    I know your name it is eane

  5. m antonia says

    no one.still no one.every one. bruh sundee. ill hit you in theeeee ……. FOOT

  6. Ari Botting says

    ssundee: i have a new combo.nico Henry and sigels: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA i dont wona play no more

  7. Becki Brown says

    ZDo you know me I am Isabella be

  8. Peter Chardakov says


  9. William Carl Farren PYP2B International School of Helsingborg says

    Who has a subbed to Ssundee?

  10. Player 1 says

    4:54 = 1 pingOh and at 5:57 he just has 0. !

  11. A R says

    Ssundee ssundee…many people have hit that like button and you still haven't given them what they really want…for you to shut your mouth. You make me cringe so much it actually hurts.

  12. Billy Ploughe says

    Foot button

  13. Rian Doyle says

    I got the boy I love you videos I love the prison ones nursing support you song

  14. Rian Doyle says

    People care about my comments I'm just a kid and I'm only 7

  15. VAT says

    Ssundee he has a mini gun me he’s got a mini gun ???

  16. Classic gamer Ciana says

    Ssundee: ah ah ah help me tom Cruze I need an adult I need a small sized adult Biffle:wait tom Cruze? Kids:WHO THE HECK IS TOM CRUZE???!!!!!???!. Me:what the

  17. Classic gamer Ciana says

    me: IF THIS YTBER DIDNT HAVE SHOCKWAVES ITS NOT SSUNDEE. friends:ohh yeah huned huned% (got that off a ssundee vid

  18. alyson kretser says


  19. Jason Knox says

    Mythic goldfish op

  20. Lynsay Farr says

    Nintendo switch with a controller no hacking

  21. Blazing Warrior says

    Why not legendary combat over epic

  22. Orlando Dubon says

    Gun sun

  23. Brittany Houser says

    you are the best you tuber ever i watch you all the time

  24. Jake Duenas says

    Nicos a foot

  25. Brittany Houser says

    plz friend me on fortnite my name is ethen_ninja

  26. Javis Holt says

    People who say first dont even watch the whole video

  27. Midas tommy gun Skye scar says

    Ssundee: hit that like button so I shut my mouthMe: I don’t want you to shut your mouth

  28. Ian Rogers says


  29. Oda Fagervold Yes says

    New combo sokevave neids and boom box combat junk rift sokevave and spam boom boxes or spam junks

  30. Zia Dasoo says

    hi ssundee

  31. Keryakos Farag says

    Lets do it

  32. Hugo SHAGRAN says

    Hi sssundee I love ur vids and sub every time my name is sealobster and if I could be with you it doesn’t have to be a vid but I just want to play one game with you cause your the best if you dont want to then that’s fine

  33. flip like b says


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