1. PeRa says


  2. Sheev says

    anybody know how to redeem humble choice? I cant find anything in my library about it.

  3. Apollo Spice says

    How do I use the choice of 9 games?

  4. Eddie Prieto says

    when you get these bundles do you keep the games forever?

  5. YTSaltyGamer says

    "missing games here"Im missing every game here Im only buying this for EU4 and t abs

  6. Aron M says

    Wouldn't really call A Tale of Two Sons underrated. It has 94% on steam with 29k reviews

  7. Jeebus says

    btw anybody who buys this actually read saga just trust me

  8. SharkY says

    The free month if just for new subscribers? If i had 2 months this year I won't get it, unless I register a new account, right?

  9. Timothy B says

    I have over 1,000 hours on Europa Universalis IV, and I’m gonna say, either play it and plan to put a lot of time into it or DONT play it. Each campaign takes around 30 hours and it’s quite mentally taxing.

  10. Frxn says


  11. Sabri Dz says

    Big up <3

  12. LEDISthebest says

    Best bundle ever

  13. An Irishcrackpot says

    Really nice bundle imo considering you get the monthly sub as well. Too bad I have most of them and I'm already a classic member :/

  14. luc holland says

    totally reliable delivery service is also free over on epic

  15. Vergil says

    Will you consider picking this bundle up ? Cause i think you already own all of those game. Also Great video

  16. Mouldy Wolf says

    It's nice to be apart of this community of sharing deals and games with each other and for games i send on discord to be mentioned in the video for others to also enjoy

  17. GamingTaylor says

    I forgot to mention a few free games (added to video description):Rayman Legends Free on UbisoftSchool Years Free on Steam

  18. Kitty Voodoo says

    Amazing video love, I know how much you like covid-19 stuff. Keep up the good work ❤️love your waifu❤️

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