New iOS 14 AirPods Pro 3A283 Update! Spatial Audio Live!


Ahead of the broader iOS 14 release later this month, Apple pushed out a new update for AirPods, firmware 3A283, that includes Spatial Audio, automatic device switching, and more! What new feature is your favorite?

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0:00 Intro
0:36 New features in this update
4:12 How to update your AirPods

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  1. Peter Wodrich says

    I can’t find the option in my control center on my 6s (IOS 14 beta 8) with my AirPods Pro on 3A283… maybe it’s not available on the 6s? I tried it while playing app,e shows on the tv app but it didn’t show up…

  2. jbarres80 says

    Is this only iOS 14 My air pod pro don’t show up in settings

  3. Challenge to get 11,700 subs with no vids says

    it sounds like being in the movie theater to me.

  4. Challenge to get 11,700 subs with no vids says

    Apple really needs a dedicated app for both AirPods and HomePod like they have for the Apple Watch that way you can update them via the app (and maybe have a few other features).

  5. Saaleh Hafeez says

    i miss your face man

  6. FAT says


  7. Brian Rouse says

    Nice change of pace from the frantic “what’s going to happen at the Apple event?!” videos 🙂

  8. Evan Perrone says

    FYI you’ve been able to play audio on appletv through AirPods for a while. The new menu adds convenience but you should be able to connect via Settings > Video & Audio

  9. YuFo Trickster says

    “Be Right Back” – Apple Store

  10. Paul Reed says

    Just watched American sniper with special audio on. It’s terrible. I have a feeling editors aren’t going to have to edit audio specifically for this feature because Dolby Atmos films sound terrible.

  11. Vinnie LoPorto says

    My AirPods sat for 3 hours and still have not updated.

  12. Jerome Caccam says

    Do you need ios 14 for this feature??

  13. Joe Joe says

    You could of use your air pod on your Apple TV a log time ago. It’s just faster to get to the settings now.

  14. SAVERAGE says

    Being able to use AirPods with the Apple TV has been there for quite some time. First reports I've quickly found are dated 2018. The new feature is sending sound to a second pair of Airpods at the same time like you could do on iOS already

  15. downside up says

    does it work with netflix?

  16. Jorge Pinto says

    Work like magic. Perfect istructios

  17. Omar O says

    Is this coming to Powerbeats pro?

  18. oleww50 says

    With the release I think it pretty much confirms apple tags are coming out… 🤞

  19. Tyler IN FOCUS says

    I can’t update for the life of me !!!!

  20. Jack says

    When iOS 14 out?

  21. KWAN POPO says

    can it work with powerbeats pro?

  22. Saarnash says

    Does the update work with wireless charging aswell?

  23. Kat says

    Wish the PowerBeats Pro Had These air pod pros’ Features’ 🤛🏽😪🤜🏽

  24. ninaandianfan21 says

    My Airpods just won't freaking update sighs

  25. 殷悦 says

    But as long as I close the case, AirPods Pro just disconnects with iPhone. 🙁

  26. Lucas Cheng says

    Does it work with YouTube?

  27. Sinan Tuncay says

    İts seems it uptade but there is no Any button can I open that new thing

  28. iWanttoknowmebetter says

    I didn’t charge it but it was updated

  29. Cobblestone Chronicles Blog says

    Is it applicable for Airpods Pro only? Or Airpods 2nd gen too?

  30. Stefan Fernandes says

    Enable spatial audio and listen to 8D music on YT

  31. Stefan Fernandes says

    What happens you enable spatial audio and listen to music/normal audio?

  32. Monsur Ahmed says

    Apple should create a tab to install AirPod updates manually

  33. Jà Rinell says

    Mine updated on its own, you don’t have to do this.

  34. Michael Anthony Butler says

    Makes me even more excited for iOS 14! Hopefully Apple gives us a release date tomorrow. Can't wait to try out spatial audio on my Apple TV 4K!

  35. Time Line says

    Can you hear Spatial audio when watching YouTube music?

  36. rushil jalnawala says

    This is an excellent feature, finally something good from Apple.

  37. Bay Area 415 says

    why cant i update? im on ios 13.7

  38. Jacob Frank says

    Battery notifications are already here, they have been since Beta 1, and they work for the AirPods themselves and the case.

  39. Jacob Frank says

    yes!! I was worried this was going to be delayed until iOS 14.1, as other AirPods features have been delayed in the past, but no it’s here!

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