NEW iOS 14 AirPods Pro 3A283 Update – What's New?


New iOS 14 AirPods & AirPods Pro 3A283 Update – What’s New? | iOS 14 Spatial Audio & Automatic Switching on AirPods Pro

With iOS 14 right around the corner, Apple just pushed an update for the AirPods and AirPods Pro with some long awaited new features & changes!

This update includes the highly anticipated Spatial Audio feature, along with Automatic Switching and more!

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0:00 Intro
0:27 How to Update AirPods Firmware
1:16 Spatial Audio
4:52 Automatic Switching
6:23 Enhanced Noise Cancellation
7:12 AirPods Crackling Fixed?
7:49 Conclusion
8:28 Outro

What do you think of this new AirPods & AirPods Pro update? Have you tried Spatial Audio yet?

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  1. Brandon Butch says

    Spatial Audio is insane! 🤯 Do you have AirPods or AirPods Pro?

  2. neovenom10000 says

    02:50 does it work with ipad too?

  3. Bandisa Masilela says

    That Apple Music warning is really annoying.I have multiple devices, just pause the other one and let me be🤦🏾‍♂️And also, should you leave the AirPods case open or closed in Oder to update?

  4. John O’Brien says

    My air pods 2 are on version 2D15

  5. Emely Cano says

    Has anyone had issues with the batteries??Maybe it's just mine.Because I use both of my airpods bit when I put them away, the left one is at 75 and the right one can be at like 90. I

  6. ItsKaruns says

    Are there any other apps except for Apple TV that it works with?

  7. Udit Lunawat says

    My AirPods Pro got Updated with new firmware but my iPhone or iPad does not show spatial audio feature please help

  8. Med _Factzz says

    Automatic switching is present in Jabra elite 75t and active 75t 😒😒

  9. Marlon Goulding says

    I had noticed that my Airpods have been making crackling noises for a while now since I started is using iOS 14. I gotta check and see if it’s fixed that issue.

  10. Apex Predator says

    Well the firmware for my airpods 1 is still 6.8.8.

  11. Hacker spot says

    I m still on the latest version of iOS 13 here. is it suggested to move from 13 to 14? it is my main phone? but I d love to use the new features and all

  12. KungYuu says

    My airpods pro firmware is 3A283 but i’m running ios 13.7, so i still can’t use spatial mode?

  13. Melo Viñas Jr. says

    Nice update! 😍

  14. Chak Law says

    I am wonder that if the spatial audio support third party apps like netflix and youtube while watching videos and movies?Btw it is a great update for airpod software!!!Thanks for your detailed video Brandon!!

  15. Daniel Mendoza says

    For anyone having issues getting the update this is what worked for me on my 11 Pro Max running 13.7.1-Connect AirPods to phone and listen to music/watch a video for at least a minute.2-Place AirPods back in case and charge case.3-Leave iPhone right next to AirPods case for at least 10m.4-The charge case will show an orange LED once, if you go to Settings>General>About your AirPods won't be there anymore.5-Remove AirPods from case and use them again, they should now be on the latest firmware.Not sure why this works but I tried a lot of things and the steps above are the only ones that did the trick.

  16. Isabelle Jetson says

    Do you know if automatic switching will work between Mac and iPhone?

  17. Fun Where Ever You Go! says

    Do you need to be on IOS14 to get the AirPods update

  18. Malik Mansaray 9 says

    Does it only work on Apple TV or could you use it on YouTube or Disney plus or something like that?! 🤔🤔

  19. Karlo Sg says

    mine wont update what could be the possible fix ?

  20. Augustin Song says

    I’m not seeing any of these new settings for my AirPods Pro

  21. Todd Dirks says

    Was able to update… I notice when AirPods are in, every time unlock my iPhone, the AirPods Pro Connected notification drops down. Seems like that may be a glitch? I can’t image they want that notification popping up every time I look at my locked phone while wearing my AirPods!

  22. Michael Blake says

    Great video, thanks Brandon. What are the black ear buds on your Pros?

  23. Zahid says

    That automatic switch blew my mind more than spatial audio feature. Only apple can make such a fantastic move! Did you see how quickly it switches!!🤯

  24. Finally People says

    What shows/ movies can I test spatial audio with I have pros and iOS 14 and the new update for AirPods but when on does sound different but can’t get the 3D audio to work

  25. Jochem says

    Does spatial audio also work for games like CoD

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