NEW iOS 14 JAILBREAK (A13) Achieved By PANGU Team & New Unc0ver Jailbreak Update Released (Pre-13.5)


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In today’s video, we’re discussing the latest achievements of the well-known #Pangu Team – a brand new iOS 14 Beta Jailbreak achieved and demonstrated during the #MOSEC 2020 (Mobile Security Conference). The Jailbreak was demonstrated running on iPhone 11 Pro (A13), which means that it is not based on CheckM8 and therefore Pangu likely has a tfp0 kernel exploit for iOS 14. This is a great achievement coming from a great former jailbreak team.

We’re also quickly discussing the Unc0ver Jailbreak update that was released a few days ago to add support for a new iOS version for legacy devices and to perform some cleanup. According to the Unc0ver Team, the newly added iOS 12.x support also has great exploit reliability.

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  1. iDevice Central says

    Heya everyone! This is what happened in the community in the past couple of days :)Also, check out our Jailbreak Forum:

  2. Windooows XP says

    I used pangu to jailbreak my iPad 4 on iOS 7.1.2

  3. Vincent .C says

    Wish they would release jailbreaks like they used to and came outta nowhere AND UNTETHERED ??

  4. Shadowfiend180x says

    14B3 atm

  5. pempho maliwa says

    its very sad to see you people enjoying this jailbreak news . Pangu does this every year..they stopped releasing jailbreak in ios 9 for the public

  6. Manny Martinez says

    WoW. i still have my iPad 2 jailbroken with Pangu 9x.

  7. Tiago Santos says

    I just want to know if there is any jailbreak bypass fully working.

  8. Devsignerz says

    imagine if we see another jailbreak from pangu

  9. Badboy DCX says

    Wtf already

  10. TheChickƎnBucket says

    You’re too young for me if you don’t remember pangu lol

  11. TheChickƎnBucket says

    Nice to hear pangu is back

  12. Yacine ACKiller says


  13. Ggboy Gg says


  14. ThatSavage Kid says

    I was on 13.5 and was jailbroken then my phone got deleted because it was in my pocket typing in wrong passwords 🙁

  15. βɾҽąժҽժ says

    I miss Pangu's solid jailbreaks. The good ol days!

  16. Tennosilva says

    so what update/beta do we stay on ?

  17. Andrew Alex says

    Yikes Apple

  18. Qs Tech Service says

    Love their old Jailbreak break untethered Old school days Miss them …Thanks for sharing ?

  19. Septien Patterson says

    Pangu. Flashback!

  20. iOS 9 Music app says

    What about SEP vulnerability?

  21. PHANI says

    Lol… when was the last time we heard of pangu?

  22. Ravin Kissoon says

    I need jailbreak iOS 13.5.1 on my iPhone XS ??

  23. tripishigh says


  24. N ee says


  25. MrGHLover107 says

    Pangu should so what pwn2own does with paetron. Gets funds from supporters to release jailbreaks in return

  26. Poopy John says

    Can't believe iOS 7 was 6 years ago with Pangu

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